How it works

GrooVee stands for Group Voucher by Email. It's a buying collective and you're invited to join us (it's free!) We only support independent local businesses and the more of us there are the more collective buying power we'll have to get great bulk buy deals with independent locals in our rural community.  We roadtest every one and tell you what it's like so that you can see if it's for you before you decide to buyin.  Buy together and save together...and support local independent businesses at the same time. 

Here's how GrooVees work:

  1. We negotiate great bulk buy deals for really fab things in your neck of the woods that we've already roadtested for you and we think that you and your families will love. We notify you about the deal we've done and send you a full description of the service/product including our personal review of it by email. If you are not already signed up as a GrooVee member then register here. It's completely free to join and you'll then get all of our deals direct to your inbox. 
  2. If you decide that you want to join in on the deal  then you click the buy in button, tell us how many you want and click buyin again to confirm and we then add you to our list of buyers. BUT the deal is only on if we get the minimum number of buyers to qualify for the bulk buy price in the time allowed... so you'll need to tell your friends about the deal too if you want to be sure it'll happen. 
  3. If we do get enough people we'll email you to ask you to send us your payment. We collect all the payments together to pay the vendor business as a bulk buy and we send you a link to your GrooVee Voucher by email which includes a code which you give to the local vendor direct to spend when you want to. ( You can also find your voucher yourself under My Buyins in your GrooVees online account).
  4. We'll contact you by email after you have redeemed your voucher to ask you to rate the experience with that independent local business with a Smile Rating between 1 and 5. We'll also ask you to give them helpful feedback for their eyes only which you can do completely anonymously. This will help local independents to develop their standards of service further and hopefully help them get even better!

It's as simple as that. You get to try lots of lovely new local/rural only things that we can recommend from independent local businesses and save lots of cash and you are supporting local in the process so developing our local community!

Want to see what kind of GrooVees we do? See our past GrooVee deals.

Got any questions? Go to our Help section which you'll find in the menu at the foot of this page or click here

If you're a business, consider running a deal. You should know that with GrooVees you only pay for results. It's the most efficient form of advertising there is. Learn more about how to use GrooVees to grow your sales and your brand in North Devon , South Devon, Exeter and Mid Devon or North Cornwall.