GrooVees for business

GrooVee deals work for local, independent businesses in North Devon, North Cornwall and Exeter. They bring you local customers and in volume. That's why local companies want to do them again and again. 

So what’s different about GrooVees?

With GrooVees you only pay for results. Its the most efficient form of advertising there is - and you get lots of free marketing and promotional advice and a social media campaign too:

  1. GrooVees give you totally risk free marketing. It costs nothing to run a GrooVee promotion. Although we only run deals for businesses that we have tried ourselves so that we can write up a reivew for our website. It’s a no win no fee arrangement. So you only pay for results. We make money by taking a small fee for each GrooVee customer we bring to you and only when we deliver at least the minimum number of customers you want.

  2. Because a minimum number of people must buy for the offer to be valid, GrooVees guarantee you paying customers. Apart from the GrooVee sale itself, we understand that the average GrooVee dealer spends more than the value of the GrooVee either through upsell or repeat custom.

  3. You get the money up front when the deal has been closed and everyone has paid us we send the cash to you right away. No waiting. Great for cash flow!

  4. When we run a GrooVee email shot, no other product or company but yours is featured. You are not one of lots of businesses promoting their services, it’s only you, and you get the exclusive mail shot whether the buyers take the deal or not.

  5. When we run a GrooVee deal you get an intensive social media campaign to support your deal and to market your brand locally at no cost. 

  6. And don't worry if you don't know what kind of GrooVee deal to run- we will help you formulate a perfect deal to meet your objectives in terms of numbers and types of customers you want to attract - all at no additional cost.

  7. The marketing goes on and on long after the GrooVee promotion has gone out. Firstly we put you in front of hundreds of our GrooVee members in North Devon, North Cornwall or Exeter ( or all three areas !)  who request the emailed deals, and we have more and more subscribing each day. Secondly they pass on the offers to their friends if they like the deal and want to make sure we get enough buyers, or just to do a friend a favour. Thirdly your offer gets shared via our fans and via pages and groups on Facebook and Twitter and fourthly  when people buy the deal they also talk about you to their friends. And then, if they like being a customer of yours they'll talk about you more when they actually come to get the deal. The buzz just goes on and on.

We schedule our GrooVees in advance. If you would like to explore what we might be able to do in terms of a GrooVee deal for your local , independent business to attract new customers please feel free to contact us