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Q: How does GrooVees manage to do so many great deals?

A: We contact local companies (or they contact us) and when they understand the collective buying power that we bring we’re able to negotiate a ‘bulk buy’ deal. The more people who register with GrooVees the bigger our collective buying power will be and the more deals we will be able to do. Please tell your friends about GrooVees.

Q: I really wanted to buyin to a deal which has now closed. Am I too late?

A: Yes, sorry. GrooVee deals are open for a short period only, usually about 10 days. If you don’t buy in to the deal in the time it’s ‘live’ then you’ll miss your chance.

Q: Why does GrooVees only do deals with local businesses?

A: GrooVees believes that the route to a sustainable future lies in the development of local community and in supporting rural economies. Local people, supporting local business, supporting local people. 

Q: I can’t seem to login to GrooVees

A: To login you need to enter your username or email address and a password. If you have forgotten your password you can use the Request New Password link. If you don’t receive a link to create a new password within half an hour of requesting it, then please check your junk mail/spam folder to see if our email has got stuck in there. If it has, you might like to mark the email from us as ‘trusted’ and/or save the email address it has come from to your contacts so that you get future administrative emails sent from the GrooVees site. If you can’t find our new password email in your email anywhere at all then please contact us to let us know and we’ll fix it for you.

Q: I have bought in to a deal but I haven’t heard anything from you

A: When you buy in to a deal our site sends you an automatic email confirming your buyin. If you haven’t received an email from us you should check your spam/junk mail box as it is likely that our email is there. If it isn’t you can easily check the status of your buyin by logging on to the site with your email address and password and by clicking the ‘My Account’ button towards the top right of the screen. You will then need to select ‘My buyins’ from the tabs across the page, and in there you will see your buyin history and will be able to print your GrooVee vouchers if you have paid for them.

It is also possible that the deal closed but we didn’t get the minimum number of buyers we needed to qualify for the bulk buy price. When we don’t get the number we need then the deal is off for everyone L We don’t contact you again unless we do get the number of buyers we need and the deal is definitely ON.

Q: I have paid for my deal via Bank Transfer but the site says I still haven’t paid/I received a reminder email.

A: If you paid by bank transfer within the last 2 days it is likely that your payment has not yet been registered on our site. Please allow at least 1 working day before you worry. We process the bank payments manually each working day, so if you paid out of working hours, or over a weekend then it may take a full working day before our site ‘sees’ your payment.  As soon as the site sees the payment then your voucher will be prepared for you and an email with a link to your voucher will go out to you immediately. If the email gets stuck in your spam/junk mail and you do not see it, then you can login to the site, click ‘My Account’ and then ‘My Buyins’ where you’ll be able to  print your vouchers and access them whenever you want to.

Q: I've lost my voucher, can I get another one please? 

A: Yes, you can in fact get a copy of any of your vouchers at any time by logging in to GrooVees and clicking ‘My Account’ and then ‘My Buyins’ where you will find your account history and a print function so that you can print out your vouchers.

Q: I have a business and would like to run a deal. How can I go about it?

A: Please have a look at our site and read the section for businesses which you’ll find in the menu at the foot of every page. You can then contact us and your GrooVees Locality Manager will come and see you to explore the options: no obligation.

Q: How can I pay for my buyin? I can't find the email you sent with payment information

A: You can pay in one of three ways.

1. By bank transfer or by paying directly to our account : Account Name: GrooVees, Sort Code 20-85-26 Account Number 63640035. Please make sure you put your email address or your name as your reference so that we can trace your payment. It takes a day or so to process your voucher which you'll then get by email .

2. By credit or debit card by logging in to you your account at and clicking you have buyins to pay and it will take you to our payment page. 

3. By Paypal to account name this is the best way to pay if you need your voucher immediately



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