Yoga and Indian head massage deal

Yoga and Indian head massage deal

Get a 1 to 1 30 minute Yin Yoga session, PLUS a 20 minute Indian Head Massage worth £55 for £33. YOU SAVE £22. That's an amazing 40%!

Available in North Devon

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If you want to become more mobile, flexible and relaxed in a stress-free environment surrounded by local Art work then this deal is for you.

With the GrooVees deal you get a one to one 30 minute Yin Yoga session with Elysha Carter a Yoga Alliance teacher with 5 years' experience,  PLUS a 20 minute Indian Head Massage with an option of using essential oils by Sarah Roberts a qualified well-being practitioner at Unit 6 Art Studios in Rolle Quay, Barnstaple.

Unit 6 Studio is just 30 seconds away from Rolle Quay car park and only a very short walk from town. If you walk down onto Mill Road you will find Unit 6 down a driveway which is very visible close to the mobility shop (google: Unit 6 Art Studios). Once you arrive you can open the old style black latch door which will take you into the studio and you will find Sarah and Elysha waiting for you. You will receive a very warm welcome and find your attention drawn to the horse box to the right which is Sarah's Narnia like treatment room. You will also will find your NHS Track and Trace plus hand sanitiser station to your right. First Sarah and Elysha will take you through a quick medical form and consent form which will be sent to you prior your visit, but in case you forgot it they will have some there for you. After that you are ready to go and Sarah will prep the treatment room while Elysha will take you to start your yoga and offer you to put a warm jumper on as Yin yoga isn't about warming you up and getting your heart pumping.

Yin Yoga is all about allowing your body to relax into a stretch rather than forcing it. You will start seated in a comfy position and Elysha will guide you through a breathing exercise while you close your eyes and be present. You will notice the calming music playing in the background which helps draw your focus back to your body and your breathing. Throughout the session you will cover around 6 different poses and each time Elysha will guide you into the most comfortable position for each pose while using blocks or other equipment to hand if you require it, so you can truly relax into the pose and feel your body go further and further into the stretch. You really do feel it go further and without any extra force. You will finish with more breathing exercises and Elysha will guide you back up to a seated position and ask how you are. At this point if you weren't already relaxed enough, Sarah will come back and take you for your Indian Head Massage.

For your massage you will walk up 3 steps to the entrance of the horse box where you will be met with a wave of warm air which is just so cosy. Sarah will invite you in and leave you on your own to remove your top, wrap a towel around you and take a seat on the massage chair. Sarah will also show you where you can hang your top in the corner, where to pop your shoes, water and show you the tray for any jewellery you may have on. When you are ready Sarah will come back in and adjust the seat for you if needed and make sure you are comfortable. She will then rub either the grapeseed oil or a blend with essential oil you have chosen (if choosing the essential oil remember you will need to do a patch test at least 24 hours before your session), over your back and shoulders ready to start. Sarah will begin working around your shoulder, upper back and either side of your spine with a variety of techniques with her hands, fingers and knuckles. This gently works into your muscles and allows you to relax into the chair and enjoy the gentle sound of the music and essential oil diffuser in the corner. Sarah will continue to work on your shoulders and back then make her way down your arms then back up ending by the base of your skull. This part is particularly wonderful as she gently pulls the tension away from your skull it almost feels like the perfect headache cure. Sarah will then invite you to sit up so she can begin to work across your face with gentle movements and then finish on the top of your head through your hair. This final part is ever so relaxing as Sarah takes her hands and fingers through your hair gently releasing the tension on the top of your head. Sarah will the invite you to stay in the box for a moment or two while you can take a drink of your water. When you are ready you can get dressed and exit the horse box even through you probably won't want to.

Going into the experience I was not sure I would enjoy the yoga as I prefer more dynamic activities, BUT the combination of relaxed breathing and Elysha's instructions made me be able to really get into the stretch and enjoy it. With every stretch I was able to see and feel my body relax and go further as I'd start high and then notice I was touching the blocks under neither which were at least 2-3 inches away from when I started. Great for relaxation and improving flexibility. To top it off the massage afterwards really tips you off the relaxation scale. If you have any tension around your head it is a must try and as a one last WOW you can get a further 25% OFF any further sessions with Sarah or Elysha. This is truly an amazing GrooVee deal and one you won't want to miss as the combination of yoga and massage is just fantastic! 

The rules: 

Must be redeemed by end of Tuesday, 31st August!
By appointment only
Multibuys possible but only one voucher per person
Can be taken as a gift voucher
25% discount for further sessions
Available Mon-Fri evenings and weekends
Not suitable during pregnancy
Cancer/cardiac or epilepsy patients will need Doctor consent
No other offers apply

About Washhouse Studio: 

Sarah Farrell-Roberts and her husband created Unit 6 Art Studios a place that bursts with creativity and well-being. Along with offering spaces for artists to create upstairs, there are art workshops and exhibitions held in the large downstairs area.

Having qualified with a C&G Level 3 in Body & Spa Therapy, it was a natural progression to add a selection of well-being practices.

She offers a range of holistic therapies including: Swedish, Aromatherapy and Indian Head massage and Hot Stone/Shea Butter treatments. Teaming up with Elysha Carter who adds yoga classes to the mix goes on to enhance the feel-good factor they have built here.

Elysha has a dedicated daily yoga practice and has been practising yoga for 6 years. She has completed 250hrs of yoga teacher training and has done many workshops with experienced teachers over the years like Kino Macgregor. Yoga for Elysha is not just about the asanas but about the whole philosophy of the practice, she became a teacher to share her experience of yoga with others and to help them find their own journey on the mat.

This deal is ON!