Will deal

Will deal

A Will Writing Consultation and Will worth £249 for £99. YOU SAVE £150. That's over 60%!

Available in North Devon, South Devon, North Cornwall, Mid-Devon and Exeter

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If you haven't got round to making a Will yet, or maybe you have but it needs updating and would like some proper advice from a professional who will make sure that you avoid all of the pitfalls and make solid and workable plans for your estate, then this one's for you. 

With this GrooVee you get a Will Writing Consultation and Will for one person with experienced will writing professional and estate planning practitioner Kenton Baker. It's a great service which is really eye opening, and no need to go out anywhere either because Kenton will do your Consultation over zoom, skype or a phone call. 

You'll make an appointment with Kenton either by phone or email and arrange a time where you can sit down talk by your preferred method for your consultation. He can arrange appointments every weekday at 11am and 2.30pm. However, you can make a Saturday morning 11am appointment from time to time by special arrangement if you have a busy week. There's no form filling or online questionnaire to complete in advance as Kenton will collect all the information he needs to give you the best advice over your preferred method of contact. You'll need to set aside a couple of hours for the first meeting and half an hour for the second.  On the day of your first appointment, you'll sit down, and he'll start the conversation with a bit of an education on how wills work, and he'll explain some of the key terminology, so that in no time at all you'll understand the role of Executor, Beneficiaries, Gifts etc and what is likely to happen when it is time for your Will to be activated. He'll then set about completing an Instruction form, in which he gathers all the information he needs regarding your assets and your estate to help you make the best possible decisions, especially around the area of Inheritance Tax (IHT). He'll take you through possible scenarios that might unfold that you might like to avoid through making a Will and he will point out any issues or problems that he might foresee, the areas where your estate might be vulnerable and will let you know how best to deal with them. In short Kenton will help you plan to avoid possible complications with your estate in future that people so often wish they could avoid, but usually only realise what they could and should have done when it is too late. 

After your first meeting he will write up your Will for you and send it to you by email in draft format for your approval. You'll have the opportunity to ask any questions and make any changes you'd like to before its finally prepared. He will then either hand deliver or post the actual Will to you complete with blue ribbons and all. Then Kenton will make a second appointment for the Attestation or signing of your final Will, to be sure that it is properly executed. He'll again use your preferred method of call, to do a final check through the details with you and over-see the Will being signed. You'll have the chance to ask any final questions before he makes sure that you understand precisely how the will is to be signed and the role of witnesses (two independent persons present to watch you sign your will). It's quite possible for a Will to be rejected by Probate if it isn't made, signed or witnessed correctly. So a professionally written and signed Will can give enormous peace of mind, as well of course as the excellent Estate Planning advice that Kenton can give if you have concerns such as what would happen to your property should you or your husband need to go into care, what might happen if you were to divorce in future, and how to protect your assets from future accidental dis-inheritance of your children through a new marriage, how to ensure that your children are cared for and many other situations which are often not thought through and which cause untold pain and unhappiness as well as huge delays in administration of an estate. 

I had already made a Will, but it was some time ago and it was interesting to learn from Kenton what needed updating. He is a friendly and professional gentleman with clear experience and I felt very comfortable talking to him about my estate and my family arrangements what I would like to happen in the event of my passing. He quickly identified several potential vulnerabilities and questions I needed to check up on such as whether my pension is actually inheritable and whether my life assurance is sufficient to cover any liabilities, as well as looking at risks associated with needing care, and what would happen to my house, possible power of attorney requirements for my parents and my son among others. The refreshing thing about Kenton's approach was that he didn't make things complicated. In fact, he did the opposite, explaining with easy-to-understand stick drawing and diagrams what the possible problems might be with my plans and how to avoid them so that I felt clear and confident about what I needed to do both for my Will and to protect my estate. Definitely worth doing if you have no Will at all, and useful if you could do with reviewing and updating an existing Will too. 

The rules: 

Must be redeemed by end of Thursday, 30th September!
Will Writing Consultation and Will only
Any extra services at extra cost eg Powers of attorney etc
For one person only - two required for married couples
Monday to Friday, Saturday by arrangement only
No other offers apply.

About Kenton Baker Estate Planning Practitioner: 

Kenton Baker lives in Northam just outside Bideford and has been working in Will writing and Estate Planning for the last 21 years.  He is a member of the Institute of Professional Will Writers (IPW) who keep him fully insured and check and clear all Wills he writes to give double peace of mind. Kenton takes pride in his high standard of service and as a local man, prefers an educational approach in which he gets to know each of his clients so that he can give them the best possible advice on Estate Planning. For more information about Kenton's services go to www.kentonbaker.com


This deal is ON!