Tuning Fork Therapy Session deal

Tuning Fork Therapy Session deal

Get an Hour Tuning Fork Therapy Session worth £40 for £22.50. YOU SAVE £17.50. That's Over 40%!

Available in North Devon

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If you’re feeling a little low, stressed or just in need of some relaxation then this deals for you!

With the GrooVees deal you’ll get an hours Tuning Fork Sound Therapy session with fully qualified Liz Cullen, Psychic Medium and Healer, based at her dedicated home therapy room. It’s truly relaxing.

Tuning Fork Therapy works by sending specific frequencies and vibrations through your body. The forks promote wellbeing, aid in stress and mental health issues and have many more positive effects. The forks are all pitched to a particular frequency and travel through your body at a molecular level. The Chakra balancing kit is used to aid in deep relaxation and used to balance the major Chakra system. It will assist with healing from head to toe.

You’ll find it very easy to find Liz as she is located just off of Bear St Barnstaple, only a few moments’ drive from town with parking on the road side. Liz will great you at the door with a lovely smile making you feel very welcome straight away and then you will walk into her living room to fill out a consultation form. The room is filled with lovely stones and art work on the walls you start to get a feeling of comfort. The consultation form is so Liz is aware of any medical conditions and your history to make sure she can provide you the best service she can. Liz may then ask a couple of questions of the answers you gave, gain to gain a better understanding of you and what you’d like to achieve within your session.

You will then be taken up stairs to Liz’s dedicated therapy room (if stairs are an issue therapy session can be done downstairs), where you will be invited to take your shoes off and Liz will give an explanation of the different types of tuning forks and what parts of the body they can help. The carpet is very thick and fluffy and feeling amazing to stand on. Once ready you will then be invited to lie down on the therapy couch where Liz will cover you in blankets to make sure you are nice, warm and snug as a bug. The therapy will then start with Liz using the tuning forks vibration either side of your head to target the pre-determined area depending on which forks she is using. After about 10 minutes of the therapy and one or two different tuning forks used I found myself slowly relaxing more and more to the point where I found myself in a state of deep relaxation. When I first laid down I could feel a most pinch in my back where it was a little tight but nothing out of the normal day to day feelings and my ankles felt tight, but after 10 or so minutes I noticed them less and less. After around 20 minutes I was truly in deep relaxation as all tension in my body was gone and I felt like I was just floating in the air with no pressures around me. When the session came to an end Liz softly spoke to me, told me she had placed a glass of water on the side for me and then said I could slowly get myself up when I was ready and then left the room. I was so comfortable I stayed there for a moment but forced myself to get up. It was when I stood up I truly realised how much tension there was in my body and back as it had all gone and I felt amazing. Truly Relaxing!

After the session Liz went through what she found during my session and where she felt my energy was imbalanced. She found that there was a lot of imbalance within my head possibly indicating stress, anxiety or over working my thoughts. She also went through what to expect over the next day or so with how the treatments work and recommended I drink plenty of water. I have to say over the next day I felt like my head and thoughts were a lot clearer, not so jumbled and I was able to focus a lot easier. Defiantly one to try!

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Must be redeemed by end of Sunday, 31st May!
By appointment only
Appointments available Mon-Fridays
Can be given as a gift voucher
No other offers apply

About Psychic Medium Liz Cullen: 

Liz Cullen is a Psychic Medium working from her lovely home in Barnstaple. Offering sessions such as mediumship, healing sessions, tuning fork therapy and more. Fully qualified and insured she has much to offer. Descending from a Gypsy family who had experiences with these talents Liz noticed her abilities at the age of 15 and from the age of 21 years old has devoted time to explore her talent.

For more information find Liz on Facebook: LizCullenPsychicMedium

This deal is ON!

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