Tarka Membership deal

Tarka Membership deal

Get all the Perks of One Months Membership With Tarka Fitness worth £240 for £97. YOU SAVE £143. That's Save Over 60%!

Available in North Devon

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If you don’t like or feel safe going to the big gyms and want to look after your own health with the friendly support of your very own personal trainer and coach who makes things realistic for you, then this deal is for you.

With this GrooVee deal you get all the perks and benefits of One Month’s Well-Being Membership designed just for you and to make sure you achieve all your health goals with Tarka Fitness & Therapy in their Private Studio on the outskirts of Barnstaple.

When you buy a membership with Tarka Fitness you get all the tools you need to achieve success in whatever health goal you may have. Whether it’s losing weight, helping a bad back or struggling with certain activities (like bending or keeping up with the kids), Tarka Fitness will get you where you need to be. Matt created Tarka Fitness with his desire to help people to the best of his abilities, which is why he also specializes in back pain and injury rehabilitation, so even if you have a niggle here or there he can help. He makes sure whatever you do and the advice he gives you is actually realistic and something you will enjoy, even his advice on food is different to what I expected as there was no talk of using specific diets or in his words “fad diets”. Matt often say’s “if you don’t enjoy it what’s the point?” His friendly nature and drive to educate you really makes you feel comfortable and doesn’t fit in with your “stereotypical” personal trainers, whom can be intimidating.

You can tell he truly cares about all his clients and is strongly driven to helping all of them through good and bad times. Matt created this membership to give his clients the all in experience to achieve the best results with his clients. The membership includes:

· 2 Semi Private Sessions a Week (Matt will only work with 2 people at a time)

· Nutritional support where Matt will work with you to get your diet on track with what you want to achieve

· Working in a judgement free environment

· Matt will support you and your decisions in and out the gym and find the best way for you to do things

· Monthly check-ins with Matt

· Access to a Members only Facebook Group

· Q & A Sessions

· Easy use of booking sessions on an App

I really enjoyed my experience with Matt as everything we did during the training sessions was for me and I loved having this personalised programme while being able to train with someone else doing their own programme. It was nice to have someone to buddy with while training. I found Matts nutritional coaching very helpful too, as we spoke about what I was planning to do to lose a little weight (give up carbs), he talked me through my plans and explained why it may not be the best for longer term and we worked together to find a different approach which was much less daunting. Overall an amazing experience and if you want to make changes to your life which you will keep up then this is defiantly a deal you don’t want to pass.

The rules: 

Must be redeemed by end of Friday, 1st October!
Sessions must be pre-booked
Wear loose clothing and trainers
No other offers apply
Multibuys possible, but only one voucher per person
Can be taken as a gift voucher

About Tarka Fitness and Therapy: 

Matt Wallin is a fully qualifed personal trainer, soft tissue specialist and is specially trained to level 4 in lower back pain management and nutritional coaching. He is qualified for GP referral ,and is trained to conduct exercise programmes for the elderly and for tens application with Electrotherapy UK.  He has a BSc in Fitness and Personal Training from one of the top 5 sports science univerisites in the country as well as a Diploma in Sports Performance and Excellence. He is the owner and operator of Tarka Fitness and Therapy providing physical therapy services to people in his very own private studio in Barnstaple. His studio gives you complete privacy and makes you feel welcome, safe and supported throughout your time spent with him. He is available for sessions 6 days a week, daytime and evenings. For more information go to www.tarkafitness.co.uk

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