Sound and Massage as One deal

Sound and Massage as One deal

A One and a Half Hour Sound and Massage Treatment worth £50 for £25. YOU SAVE £25. That's 50%!

Available in North Devon

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If you want an introduction to sound therapy, can’t get enough of the singing bowls but also need some hands-on treatment for a painful condition or you’re simply looking for a massage with a difference, then this is the GrooVee for you!

With this GrooVee you get a one and half hour treatment combining holistic massage and sound therapy delivered by Zara Triconnet of ZstaraSound who is fully trained in Sound Therapy, holistic massage, Indian head and pregnancy massage. It takes place in Zara’s specially transformed therapy room in Ilfracombe and consists of a short consultation, approximately 15 minutes of Himalayan bowls, up to an hour of massage and closing with 15 minutes of crystal bowl sound therapy. The first section includes physical placement of resonating bowls on the body if desired. This unique combination of beautiful sound with massage is the ultimate treat.

Before your session, Zara will send a consultation form to fill in and return to her before your session so she can have a better understanding of you and your current state of health while also allowing more time for you to enjoy your treatment when you arrive. Zara's home is on a quiet residential street not far from the centre of Ilfracombe. You will be able to park on her drive right next to the house and Zara will meet you at the door and lead you into the treatment room where she will have everything set up and ready with a amazing range of Himalayan and Crystal bowls. The room is warm and cosy, clear of clutter and tastefully decorated. It's a pristine and orderly treatment room - not particularly 'alternative' - and Zara is calm and detached with a professional and focused approach. She will offer you a drink and ask you to take a seat where she will go over anything from your pre-handed in consulation form, get to know you a little more and the reason for your visit to her. You'll have the opportunity to talk through any particular issues you'd like her to treat and to ask any questions. Zara will explain that holistic massage treats the person as a whole and is tailored to your specific physical, energetic and spiritual needs. With that in mind, you will discuss which areas you both think she should focus on during the massage. If need be, she will spend the whole hour working on and around a problematic area or if it is a general treatment for relaxation you are after you may agree on a full body massage.   

Remaining on hand should you need assistance, Zara will turn away to allow you the privacy to undress, removing only whatever clothing is necessary for the massage to proceed. The room is not overlooked at all and has with misted windows Once you are comfortably settled into the treatment couch under the towels provided she will return her attention to you and further cloak you with a lovely soft yet weighty blanket to ensure you are warm and snug. The treatment begins with Zara playing or “winding up” the Himalayan bowls. In this initial section Zara uses the exquisite sound of these traditional instruments from the land of mountains and Zen to help you relax into the treatment and introduce sound into your system. Significant research has shown that sounds used in this kind of therapy entrain the brain into ‘Optimum Healing Frequency / Alpha Theta Boarder’ a state where it can switch off, allowing your body and mind to relax, heal, readdress and re-balance any areas needing work. You not only hear but most definitely feel the vibrations filling the air, your head and your body. I was really conscious of the shift from one area of the body to another as Zara selects different bowls each with their unique tone and resonance. Each one is matched to one of the 7 main chakras that are said to be situated along the spine and head – but you don’t need to understand or even believe in chakras to feel the difference. Unlike the music often played by massage therapists this will go much deeper and should relax you on all levels.  To get the full experience I would recommend you allow Zara to place one of the bowls on your body during this sound bath – ideally on an area where you are feeling pain or tension. In my case, it was my lower back that had been bothering me the most, an area that corresponds to the base chakra. As Zara placed and played the relevant low deep resonating bowl on my back I immediately felt some relief as the vibrations seemed completely atuned with the area and as its weight sunk in like a comforting hug.  It was as if the sound sought out the ache, spreading from my sacrum, around the pelvis into my hips subsequently leaving the area feeling lighter and much more relaxed. Then a different note sounded that took hold of my upper back and progressed deep into my chest - perhaps where the heart chakra is said to rest and finally I felt the vibrations alternating between the two areas.

After about 15 minutes of pure heavenly sound, Zara moved onto the next phase. Before starting the massage itself she introduced the element of touch initially working though the towels with firm broad pressure at various point on back, stretching along the oblique lines of fascia, warming up the tissues. After that she uncovered the area to be worked on, spending a good part of the massage on my lower back but I had also asked her to give my neck and shoulders some attention. The massage started face down so she could access the lumbar area as well as the back of my shoulders. On my lower back she used a combination of deep circular strokes, moving up and down and across the muscles with plenty of time on each area, around the spine, the top of the pelvis and the flanks either side of waist, moving clothing down as needed. The pressure was firm and confident but could be lighter if you prefer less pressure.  Zara was just as adept at finding areas of tension in my shoulders and working deep into the muscles before asking me to turn over so she could treat the neck and shoulders more thoroughly. With me lying on my back (occasionally opening my eyes to take in glimpses of the pretty ocean vista), she worked into the upper trapezius muscles that get so tense and hard and the deeper neck muscles below. She used circular motion again, knuckles seemingly effortlessly stretching the deep muscle fibres, slowing down when resistance was met then she reached up the back and sides of the neck, onto the face over the brow, temple and around the jaw. This part would be great for headaches but also just for general relaxation. She recommended including a brief head massage too – using firm touch along acupressure points of the cranium as well as soothing swirling movements all around the scalp. This was an added bonus which certainly helped melt away the tension in that whole area.

After the massage, you will experience the crystal bowls being played for around 15 minutes. I was surprised and interested to hear that whilst similar in principle, these elegant quartz based bowls mere babies compared to their Himalayan counterparts. With their primary purpose being rooted in the twentieth century’s computer industry they found their use as instruments of healing and relaxation in the 1990s. Regardless of their origins Zara’s gorgeous collection of different sized and shaped bowls feel just as spiritually and physically uplifting as their metallic ancestors. As the different tones rang out, I was aware of them alternating between high and low, which reminded me of switching between hot and cold compresses to help in the healing of a wound. Zara will finish by swinging the ‘sacral crystal’ around your aura which to me clearly felt like energy pulsating and oscillating from right to left side of the head and the body.

I found the treatment both relaxing and awakening. I was intrigued by the bowls, the incredibly pure sounds they miraculously produced despite their simple form and the effects they had on my body. It certainly enhanced the relaxing effects of the massage and my back did feel better afterwards so I am sure they also contributed to its healing effects too.  I would like to find out more about the impact sounds have on our body and our state of mind and wouldn’t be surprised if we - as an over-stimulated society - turned increasingly to this kind of therapy. I can’t help thinking though that the more I experience this kind of treatment the less I will think about the sound and the more I will feel its benefits. A truly unique experience, Zara’s treatment is the only way to give your brain a massage along with your body. It relaxes the places no other massage can reach!

The rules: 

Must be redeemed by end of Sunday, 31st July!
Not suitable for first trimester of pregnancy
Not suitable for 6 months after stroke or heart attack
Multibuys possible but only one treatment per person
No other offers apply
Can be taken as a gift voucher

About Zstarasound: 

Zara Triconnet did a degree in music and wanted to use her skills to help people find the therapeutic powers of music as she had. She trained as a sound therapist in 2009 with Liz Cooper in Bognor Regis over a 2 year diploma course. As soon as she had experienced the therapy herself she realised she was made to do it. She moved from Birmingham with her partner a year ago to live by the sea where she runs regular sound bath groups as well as giving one to one treatments in sound therapy, mantra and drum therapy as well as holistic massag and is open for treatments 7 days a week including evenings. For more information go to

This deal is ON!

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