Smooth and Shine Pedicure deal

Smooth and Shine Pedicure deal

A Smooth & Shine Pedicure worth £35 for £17.50. YOU SAVE £17.50. That's 50%!

Available in North Devon, North Cornwall

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If your tootsies could do with a good makeover to get ready for flip flop days then this one's for you!

With this GrooVee you get a Smooth and Shine Pedicure with all of the best OPI products in totally cool and chic therapy rooms on the North Coast.  It's a wonderful, rejuvenating treatment and you'll have pretty feet at the end of the treatment in one of the on trend OPI colours.                           

You'll arrive  in Bude on the day of your appointment and find parking in one of the public carparks around town. You'll find Shine easily in the town centre where you'll check in at reception and then greeted by Kristii in the professional and chic leather seated waiting area before being shown to one of the beautiful dedicated therapy rooms up on the first floor of the salon. You'll love the cool chic vibe of the salon at Shine as soon as you step inside. It's the place where those in the know in North Cornwall and North Devon go to get their hair and beauty care. It's just the kind of place that makes you feel uplifted and beautiful, with its muted colours , simple dedication to natural quality materials and finishes and a feeling of space but with a wonderfully human warmth at the same time - clean but not clinical, stylish and exacting but not fussy and the kind of place that makes you feel freed, relaxed and at peace. The botanical and earth scents that are Aveda ( their chosen organic beauty product range) tickle your senses as you're shown into the wonderful treatment room with its comfy chair covered in fresh, plump dark grey towels, a stone sink with Moroccan wall tiles in one corner, shabby chic cabinet with neat rows of Aveda potions in another, and with gentle tinkly music playing in the background. You'll be asked to sit and relax in front of an amazing copper bowl filled with hot water, all ready for you to soak  while you relax to the sound of soft music playing gently in the background. Kristii will invite you to choose from 40 or so possible OPI colours in all possible shades, and featuring some of the coolest, most contemporary on trend shades. She'll give you advice on which colour to go for if you need it, and Kristii has a good eye as well as a relaxed and happy personality . You'll take to her immediately as she chats to you gently. She looks professional and has a natural bueaty and style that is compelling in a beautician which gives you confidence. The hot water in the copper bowl is infused with fragrant softening salts which work their magic on your dead skin. If you're wearing any polish when you arrive then Kristii will remove it for you and then she'll apply some OPI cuticle softener to each foot ready to remove them later. When your feet are well soaked Kristii will ask you to put one foot at a time onto a soft grey towel on lap and she'll use a rasp to remove dead skin to make your hard skin areas smooth. She'll then apply an exfoliating sugar scrub to get the remaining dead skin before popping your foot back into the warm water in the copper bowl while she works on the other foot. If you have really long nails she'll cut or clip them before filing them to shape. The cuticle softener will by then done its job and Kristii will push back your cuticles and then trim them away to mazimise your nail bed and clean away the dead cuticle. That foot then goes back into soak while she does the other. The water in the copper bowl holds enough heat so that it remains warm through the treatment but not too hot. Next somes an OPI cahmile and mint massage cream which is applied to your foot and lower leg. Kristiis massage is smooth and uses optimal pressure - not at all tickly or pinchy leaving your feet and legs feeling refreshed and energised and also very relaxed. You can tell that Kirstii is an experienced therapist with a strong track record just by her touch which is skillful and flowing. When she has finished you'll be amazed at just how soft your feet both look and feel . Its heaven and you'll be delighted with the results. 


Kristii will then put your toes into a foam toe separator which is gentle and effective, and apply an OPI base coat, followed by 2 coats of coloured polish and a top coat to add colourful glamour to your beautifully smooth new feet and you'll see why this is called a Smooth and Shine pedicure! If you prefer gel polish which lasts a few weeks you can have that instead for an additional £5 ( bargain) paid direct on the day.  You'll need to sit a moment or two to let the polish dry and then pop on some flip flops to go home in so that you don't snag your colour before its set. If you like you can sit downstairs while they dry on the stylish purple Chesterfield sofa and enjoy a really good coffee and a delicious little coffee biscuit in true cafe style and watch the ladies in the salon having their hair done in this gorgeous environment which just adds to the feel good. 

When its time to go you'll be so pleased you won't be able to stop looking at your soft, smooth and gorgeous new feet with their newly painted and tasteful looking polished toes and you'll feel like you're walking on air. I can't recommend this salon enough. Its one of the best on the North coast, and worth travelling to, especially as Bude is a delight to shop in and has such a lovely choice of cafes and eateries, either in town or by the beach. Worth making at least a half day trip if not a whole one. 

The rules: 

Must be redeemed by end of Monday, 30th September!
By appointment only
Bring flip flops to wear after treatment
Upgrade to gel polish for extra £5 paid on the day direct
Cancellations at less than 24 hours notice incur £10 charge
No other offers apply
Can be taken as a gift voucher

About Shine at Nine: 

Shine at Nine is owned and managed by Kath Mills,who lives in Bude, and who has been in hair and beauty for over 11 years. She opened Shine first as a hair boutique 4 and half years ago, and in last year she completed a total refurbishment of the upper floors at Shine to create tasteful, stylish treatment rooms using natural pallettes and eclectic chic decor to create something truly lovely. Kath likes quirky yet cool, natural materials and ethical, quality products and the salon favours Aveda as a natural choice with its reputation for earth loving, ayurvedic, organic potions with aromas to treat the mind, body and spirit in one.

This summer Kath has set up a dedicated Spray Tan room at Shine. Its as cool stylish and comfortable as the rest of the salon and is perfect for spray tanning, giving you privacy, tranquility and ease to make it an altogether pleasant, quick and hassle-free experience. 


Kristii is a fully qualified level 3 beauty therapist who is St Tropez trained and has joined the team at Shine to deliver the wide range of beauty treatments on offer there from pre-tan waxing or body scrubs and exfoliation treatments to post-tan brow and lash tints and lifts, facials and massage as well as the tans themselves. 

For more information about Shine go to, or you can find them on Facebook here 

This deal is ON!

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