Reflexology at Shine deal

Reflexology at Shine deal

A Reflexology treatment at Shine in Bude worth £45 for £19.50. YOU SAVE £25.50. That's over 50%!

Available in North Devon, North Cornwall

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If you'd like a relaxing reflexology treat, in one of the most beautiful, coolest total quality therapy spaces around then this one's for you!

With this GrooVee you get a 1 hour Reflexology Treatment with fully qualified reflxologist Felicity Guppy at Shine at Nine, Bude. It's a thorough therapeutic treatment delivered with real care and in a beautiful place that you won't want to leave. 

You'll love the cool chic vibe of the salon at Shine as soon as you step inside. It's the place where those in the know in North Cornwall and North Devon go to get their holistic therapy and natural, organic beauty care. It's easy to find in the centre of Bude, and parking in one of the towns many carparks couldn't be easier. You'll be welcomed in by one of the happy and outgoing team, and you'll be led down to the amazing purple leather retro sofa where you'll be offered a herbal tea or a cool water before you head up stairs to the treatment rooms on the first floor. It's just the kind of place that you'd wish you had at home, with its muted colours , simple dedication to natural quality materials and finishes and a feeling of space but with a wonderfully human warmth at the same time - clean but not clinical, beautiful but not fussy and the kind of place that makes you feel freed, relaxed and at peace. Felicity will welcome you into the wonderful treatment room with its beautifully dressed couch covered in fresh, plump dark grey towels, a stone sink with Moroccan wall tiles in one corner,  and with gentle tinkly music playing in the background - the sounds of mother earth to sooth you. 

Your treatment will begin with a short consultation when you'll be asked about your medical history and lifestyle. Felicity is a very friendly, calming  and empathetic personality that comes from years of experience as a carer for disabled adults, so you'll feel very safe with her from the outset. She'll ask you to lie down on the soft couch and you'll be propped with soft pillows to get you comfy and covered in soft blankets to keep you cosy. It's a sink - into kind of couch, heated to a perfect temperature.   

The lights are then dimmed and the treatment begins. Felicity oils your right foot first with either Tui Songbird reflxology unscented massage balm or coconut oil if you prefer a vegan treatment. She then works all around every bit of your foot inusing her fingers to feel for any tensions which she finds in the form of 'bubbles' around the reflex points corresponding to different parts of the body. She may comment as she works on specific issues that she finds and you'll be amazed that they correspond exactly to areas of the body where you have issues. You'll soon feel extremely relaxed and being to zone out as she works around your feet. She'll move onto your left foot, applies the oil gently  and works all of the organs of the body on the other side through the reflex points on the foot, repeating the thorough process. When she has finished she'll let you know that its time to come back to the real world and the couch is lifted electronically using a remote control to raise you up - its another mark of quality and luxury . She'll give you a fridge cooled and refreshing glass of water and you'll be left for a moment to come round as Felicity talks you through the things she has found and you can ask her any questions. YOu will be advised to do as little as possible after the treatment and to drink plenty of water - as the treatment continues to work for a good few hours and into the evening.  You'll leave this little haven feeling wonderfully relaxed, and you'll sleep well that nigh for sure.  

 GrooVees friend Wendy trialled Felicity's reflexology treatment at Shine and this is what she said: 

'I love the treatment rooms at Shine - its such a stylish and relaxing place and having reflexology in the gorgeous rooms with Felicity was such a delight. Felicity was able to pinpoint several areas where I have discomfort without me saying a word to her, as she found what she called 'bubbles' in specific places on my feet which she worked over thoroughly to give me relief. As a result my shoulders, which are often tight and painful, felt much better after the treatment. I left feeling super chilled out and with a sense of calm and tranquility. I'd love to go back for more and recommend this to anyone with aches and pains that they can't seem to shift. It's lovely - and in a lovely place, so it feels like a bit of a pamper as well as an effective treatment.' 

Sounds excellent and worth a daytrip to Bude. 

The rules: 

Must be redeemed by end of Monday, 24th December!
Advanced booking essential
No other offers apply
Multibuys possible but only one treatment per person
Can be taken as a gift voucher

About Shine at Nine: 

Shine at Nine is owned and managed by Kath,who lives in Bude, and who has been in hair and beauty for over 10 years. She opened Shine first as a hair boutique, 3 and half years ago, and in August of last year she completed a total refurbishment of the upper floors at Shine to create tasteful, stylish treatment rooms using natural pallettes and eclectic chic decor to create something truly lovely. Kath likes quirky yet cool, natural materials and ethical, quality products and the salon favours Aveda as a natural choice with its reputation for earth loving, ayurvedic, organic potions with aromas to treat the mind, body and spirit in one.

Felicity Guppy has recently joined the team at Shine. She is a dedicated fully qualified reflexology practitioner who trained in reflexology when she had seen its effectiveness as a treatment for the disabled adults in her care throughout her career as a specialist carer. Worth a trip from anywhere to Bude for this, and there are plenty of lovely shops and eateries as well as the beautiful beach to visit before or afterwards to  make it a complete treat. For more information about Shine at Nine go to

This deal is ON!

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