Personal Training deal

Personal Training deal

A course of 3 Personal Training Sessions worth £75 for £29.50. YOU SAVE £45.50. That's over 60%!

Available in North Devon

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If you'd like to lose a few pounds, or would like to feel fitter, have more energy, do more exercise but lack the motivation or will power to do it all alone, or need some expert guidance on the best exercise regime to reach your goals and could do with a personal trainer to give you a kick start then this one's for you. 

With this GrooVee you get a course of three 45 minute power health and fitness workout sessions with experienced and fully qualified personal trainer Matt Wallins of Tarka Fitness and Therapy at his dedicated home based professional fitness studio on the outskirts of Barnstaple. It's a perfect way to get started on the path to health and fitness and if you want to lose weight, it's a perfect way to stay motivated and to know you're doing it right. 

When you make your appointment to go for your first session with Matt he'll send you an email asking you some key questions about what you'd like to achieve to identify your goals, and he'll also ask you to make a notes of your lifestyle and current exercise regime so that you are prepared for a discussion when you first arrive at his Fitness Studio. He'll also suggest that you download an app he recommends to your smartphone if you have one that will help you along the way by tracking your exercise, diet and calories. The Studio itself is on the ground floor of his modern home on a residential estate in Barnstaple, with parking directly outside it - although it is just about walkable from town. You'll be welcomed by Matt who will take you through a fairly extensive questionnaire on your health and fitness, diet and lifestyle and you'll be glad you prepared for it in advance as a result of his email.  If you're interested in body sculpting or weight loss as your main goal, he'll weigh you and measure you too so that you have a clear idea of your start point. Then once you've discussed what you want to achieve  he will set up your app with you before getting you into some exercise activity. He'll get you onto the exercise bike, the step, and onto the mat to put you through your paces and test your range of movement and overall fitness, making notes all the while as this first session is really designed for Matt to see what you can do so that he can design a complete work out ready for the next session tailored to your particular needs, to your personal range of movement and fitness that will enable you to achieve your body sculpting,  weight loss or fitness goals in a healthy and safe way. When you return for your next session, which can be the same week, or the week after if that works better for you ( though best to take the sessions at least weekly for best results) he will have your own bespoke power work out ready for you and you'll set to it with Matt by your side to ensure that you are doing the exercises correctly, and with maximum power as he motivates and drives you to give it your absolute all in what is a high intensity work out. By the end of each  session you will certainly know that you've worked your very hardest - you'll have worked up a serious sweat, burnt a whole bunch of calories, and you'll leave physically stretched, ready for rest but totally motivated, feeling good and looking forward to coming back for more. At the end of 3 sessions you'll really feel the difference in your energy levels, mood, and, provided you have also followed Matt's advice on diet and nutrition, you are likely to have also lost more weight that you might think possible . It's compelling for those who really want to get into shape. 

I went over to check out Matt's new studio and I was impressed. It's a proper professional mini gym - but has the advantage of being private so it doesn't matter what you look like or what you wear as long as you can move in it. It has all the kit and equipment you'll need for a one on one personal trainer led power work out which you'll do to motivational, fast paced music to speed you along too with Matt, who is highly knowledgeable about all aspects of exercise and physiology (he is a masseur and lower back pain specialist as well as a personal trainer and knows his stuff) so you'll be safe as you exercise in every respect. He's an approachable, easy going kind of guy who loves his job and his enthusiasm shows. He told me about the range of clients he has had - old and young, fit and unfit, large and small - and the results he has been able to help them achieve from weight loss through a combination of diet and exercise, to straightforward inch loss, where weight itself is less important than the need to lose inches to legs, arms or waistline, and of course nearly all clients report a feel good factor as their feelings of happiness and wellbeing as well as personal satisfaction are dramatically improved from the exercise which impacts hormonal production and brain activity. Many of Matt's clients feel so good after the first course that they go on to do additional sessions up to 3 times a week thereafter. Most of the body beautiful celebs have personal trainers, and I totally get why - this is your chance to give it a go too. 

The rules: 

Must be redeemed by end of Tuesday, 30th April!
Sessions must be pre-booked
Wear loose clothing and trainers
Not suitable for some conditions - a full refund will apply
No other offers apply
Multibuys possible but only one 5 day course per person
Can be taken as a gift voucher

About Tarka Fitness and Therapy: 

Matt Wallin is a fully qualifed personal trainer, soft tissue specialist and is specially trained to level 4 in lower back pain management . He is qualified for GP referral ,and is trained to conduct exercise programmes for the elderly and for tens application with Electrotherapy UK.  He has a BSc in Fitness and Personal Training from one of the top 5 sports science univerisites in the country as well as a Diploma in Sports Performance and Excellence. He is the owner and operator of Tarka Fitness and Therapy providing physical therapy services to people in their own homes as well as from his treatment room at Inspiration Fitness at Roundswell. He is available for sessions 6 days a week, daytime and evenings and operates within a 10 miles radius of Barnstaple. For more information go to

This deal is ON!

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