Organic Facial deal

Organic Facial deal

A full one-hour organic facial at Sea Breeze Retreat in Mortehoe worth £45 for £24.50. YOU SAVE £20.50. That's over 45 %!

Available in North Devon

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If you'd love to restore your skin's natural radiance, take some relaxing me-time in a stunning location, and have your senses bathed in delicate aromas then this organic skincare facial is for you!

With this GrooVee you get a one hour facial using 100% organic products – either Jurlique or Neal’s Yard beauty products and pre-mixed aromatherapy oils from the Bristol-based company Amphora Aromatics, including a 15 minute shoulder, neck and head massage or feet and leg massage (your choice). It's heaven scent! 

You are advised to wear as little make-up as possible on arrival so that the cleansing element does not take up too much of your precious treatment time and male clients are advised to be clean shaven to get the full benefit. The facial is expertly delivered by Carol in her gorgeously rustic and cosy homebased treatment room - in summer she moves upstairs where the room is light and airy. You are welcomed directly into the ‘winter’ treatment room from the pretty garden area, offered a glass of water or a choice of herbal and other teas and guided towards a comfy sofa where Carol will get you to fill out a very short form asking for contact details with a checkbox list of relevant health conditions including any allergies. This will normally take less than 5 minutes. You are then asked to choose what area you would like her to massage whilst the facemask is doing its work and which of the 4 almond oil based blends of massage oil you would prefer – relaxing, invigorating, muscle & joint or skin nourishing. You also get a choice of Jurlique face mask - deep penetrating cream mask, rose moisture plus, moisturising cream mask or herbal recovery antioxidant gel mask. All products contain a potent fusion of active herbal ingredients to gently bring out the natural radiance of your skin and are suitable for all skin types including very sensitive and would only be unsuitable for those with allergies to the ingredients.

Once you have made your choices, you will be asked to remove clothing from whichever area you have asked to be massaged if relevant. If you are removing items of clothing Carol leaves the room long enough for you to do so in privacy. For the duration of the treatment you will be lying on your back with towels and an optional blanket covering your whole body, and your hair will be protected in a wrap. Carol will carry out the first few steps of the facial and after applying the face mask she will start the 15 minute massage. Once the massage is over she carries on with the facial until the end of the hour.  In addition to the face mask of your choice, the standard products used include Jurlique’s Replenishing Foaming Cleanser, Rosewater Balancing Mist, the Polishing and Smoothing Exfoliator, Skin Balancing Face Oil, Youth Defence Active Gel Concentrate, Rose Moisture Plus – a rich protecting moisturiser. Alternatively you choose items from a range of Neal’s Yard products. It is entirely up to you – you can rest assured that both brands are completely organic. None of them are tested on animals and have no animal content. There are no other nasties in the products either for example the exfoliating cream contains natural exfoliants such as apricot Kernal and willow bark rather than plastic microbeads. The products are both luxurious and ethical. What's more this is a fantastically warm and relaxing treatment in a gorgeous setting and with lasting effects.

I found Sea Breeze Retreat easily from the ‘main’ road and parked my car in the dedicated space right opposite the 13th century church beyond which I took a moment to admire the stunning view of the sea and Baggy Point in the distance.  I walked a short distance round the back of the house through a lovely neat garden area and was met outside the door by Carol who welcomed me directly into a very private feeling room devoted to treatments. The first thing I noticed was the wood burner that set both the temperature and atmosphere to warm. This, combined with beautiful natural stone floors, a few distinctive pieces by local artists and the simple wood furniture and surrounds managed to make the room both cosy and minimalist at the same time. I was invited to sit on the comfy leather sofa and accepted the offer of a refreshing glass of water. It only took a couple of minutes to fill out the questionnaire and for Carol to make sure that I wasn’t allergic to anything she might use. I did not hesitate in my choice of neck, shoulder and head as the target area for my 15 minute massage. Nor did it take me long to decide on the Jurlique Moisturising Cream Mask as I know my skin was desperate for rehydration. It was slightly more tricky choosing the massage oil but in the end I plumped for revitalising rather than relaxing blend partly because I thought the process of the facial and massage would be relaxing enough in themselves and partly because of the delicious aromas – as soon as I smelled that combination of citrus and spice I knew that was the one for me with pure basil, geranium, lemongrass & rosewood. It was lovely to have so much choice over the different elements but then just to relax and let them happen to me one by one! I had no doubt it was going to be a treat from the moment I reclined onto the firm but warm and comfortable couch where I was enveloped in soft warm towels and took the option of the extra blanket. The gentle sounds of the Dartmoor inspired relaxation music were perfect for setting the tone and helping my mind drift away from daily worries. The facial commenced with a thorough cleanse. The cleanser - and later on - the mask was dampened with lavender infused water and thoroughly swept away before moving on to the next stage. Rosewater was applied at various stages which not only toned the skin but also helped prepare it to better absorb all the goodness from the other lotions and potions. All of the sumptuous organic products are applied with a variety of rhythmic strokes that simultaneously relax the facial muscles, improve the flow of lymph and ensure perfect skin coverage. Carol’s touch was gentle but firm, leaving no area unattended to, from the brows and the temples to the cheeks, nose and chin. Even with the initial cleansing strokes I could feel the tension dissipating from my jaw, around my eyes and temples. The hot towels between applications had a sort of blanket-relaxation effect across my whole body and I knew that they would also be opening up my pores to get a deep cleanse as well as preparing the skin to absorb the goodies to come (Carol was careful to check the temperature with me). When she applied the moisturising face mask we were in full on facial massage mode and I could feel waves of relaxation reaching down to my toes. By the time it came to the head, neck and shoulder massage my body was so relaxed that I didn’t get that oversensitivity that I have experienced before at the beginning of a massage.  Her massage was firm but not at all painful. She honed in straight away on a couple of areas of increased tension – my right shoulder blade, the left side of my neck – and managed to get just the right amount of pressure to help the muscle release without leaving any soreness. Before performing a lovely stretch on both sides of the neck and shoulders she let me know what was happening so as to avoid me lifting and straining my neck to ‘help’ her move my head. I particularly enjoyed the scalp rubbing which was both relaxing and invigorating at the same time, which as Carol explained, helps to ease the facial and neck muscles that are attached through fascia to our scalp and to increase blood flow to the area. Carol finished with a dab of Rose Lip Balm and a delicate covering of Jurlique Rose Silk Dust to help absorb any residue and reduce the shininess you can sometimes get after such a deeply moisturising facial. I could have quite easily just stayed there for the rest of the day so her gentle padding down and rolling of my legs under the blanket and squeezing my feet to introduce me back into the real world was much appreciated!  Once I had pulled myself together, stepped outside and felt the eponymous sea breeze on my freshly pampered face I may have even started to feel the invigorating effects of the mask as I was almost tempted to join the surprisingly large number of surfers enjoying the February swell! After having to admit to myself that me surfing in February was never going to happen I settled for a hot drink and sandwich sat outside the suitably surfy Red Barn in Woolacombe - just 5 minute drive away - watching the waves roll in. I would definitely love to go back for this or other treatments, take a girlfriend and maybe make the most of the day by going for a nice walk and having a posh lunch with even more stunning views at the nearby Watersmeet hotel next time!

I loved this wonderful treatment. I was inspired by the lovely location (both the beautiful scenery and the peaceful, cosy room), Carol is an expert in facials and massage and my skin has continued to feel soft and hydrated since.  But  the thing that struck me the most was the gorgeous smell of the products. The subtle blend of rosewater, citrus, spice and floral tones tickled my senses from 11am when the treatment began to that evening when I was tucked up in bed. Throughout the day the delicate smell of the different organic products  wafted into my awareness and each time took me back to that calm, cosy setting of Sea Breeze Retreat.

The rules: 

Must be redeemed by end of Saturday, 30th June!
Booking is essential
Multibuys possible but only one treatment per person
Can be taken as a gift voucher
Appointments available 7 days a week
Choice of products subject to availability
Cannot be combined with other offers

About Sea Breeze Retreat: 

Carol Briggs has lived in North Devon since 2007 but has worked in the beauty and holistic treatment industry for over 20 years. As well as offering this fantastic facial her other treatments include holistic massage, Indian head massage and facial rejuvenation massage. Carol is ITEC and Reiki qualified and is a member of Embody and is fully insured. All appointments are available 7 days a week - booking essential. Carol likes to combine the physical and spiritual into her treatments and her caring and kind nature really adds to her service. Mortehoe is situated just one mile from the surfing gems that are Woolacombe and Barricane beaches and is the start part for the stunning National Trust walk around Bull point – so there’s plenty to do in the area if you like the outdoors.  

This deal is ON!

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