Online Exercise Sub deal

Online Exercise Sub deal

"Work Out to Help Out"with 2 Months Subscription of Daily Home Exercise Sessions worth £20 for £7.50. YOU SAVE £12.50. That's OVER 65%!

Available in North Devon, South Devon, North Cornwall, Mid-Devon and Exeter

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This deal is ON!

If you want to "Work Out to Help Out" then this deal is for you.

With this Groovee deal you will get a 2 month subscription to Tarka Fitness's "Home 30 minute work outs", run by Matt your very own and highly qualified Personal Trainer. No matter what fitness level you have, low or high you work at your own pace. 

With the Coronavirus bringing the world to a standstill this year one of the things we have learnt is just how important our health is. Our health may determine how well we deal with illness and infections, which in turn will affect the amount of pressure the NHS is put under. So why not start helping yourself now? This deal is perfect for anyone who wants to exercise but is unsure about going to the gym or to classes at this current time.

When you buy into this deal you will get access to a private Facebook group, from which you will be given everything you need. Each day Matt adds two new videos up for you to follow, the first being a guide to the day’s work out where Matt will show you each exercise and variations of it, so you can do the one that suits you best. He will also include how you will perform the day’s work out, including things like reps and rest time. It is all very clear and easy to understand and if you need to go over it again you can just pause and go back. The second video is the work out itself, so you will get to do it in real time alongside Matt. This will include a warm up, the work out and stretches at the end to ensure the perfect balance for you to work hard and then return to your day. Matt is very encouraging to push you, but also appriactes everyone is different and will advise and show you how to adapt your session. I personally struggle with push ups and I commented that I couldn’t do them for the whole 30 second work time, but Matt explained that it was okay to just put my knees on the floor, rest for a couple of seconds and try again until the time was up (rather than me collapsing on the floor). This was very encouraging and stopped me feeling like I was failing and that I will build up to being able to do it. Each session is roughly around 30 minutes so you can fit it in at any point of the day and the sessions stay up online, so you can revisit them if you wish. It’s a great exercise session, fun and shows results quickly. An added bonus is if you want to work on something more specific like being able to do a push up then Matt will include exercises for that in his next video or make a new video which focuses on that goal. It’s having your own personal trainer in your front room.

It’s a great forum for you to get your work outs, ask questions about your own exercise and motivate you to keep on making yourself healthier. Remember let’s “Work Out to Help Out”.

The rules: 

Must be redeemed by end of Monday, 30th November!
Must have a Facebook Account
Subscription Starts 1st Oct and ends 30th Nov 2020
Can be given as a gift voucher
No auto renew of subscription
Continuation requires bacs payment on the 1st of the month
Multi buy ins possible but only one voucher per person

About Tarka Fitness and Therapy: 

Matt Wallin is a fully qualifed personal trainer, soft tissue specialist and is specially trained to level 4 in lower back pain management and nutritional coaching. He is qualified for GP referral ,and is trained to conduct exercise programmes for the elderly and for tens application with Electrotherapy UK.  He has a BSc in Fitness and Personal Training from one of the top 5 sports science univerisites in the country as well as a Diploma in Sports Performance and Excellence. He is the owner and operator of Tarka Fitness and Therapy providing physical therapy services to people in his very own private studio in Barnstaple. His studio gives you complete privacy and makes you feel welcome, safe and supported throughout your time spent with him. He is available for sessions 6 days a week, daytime and evenings. For more information go to

This deal is ON!

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