Online Cards and Crystal Deal deal

Online Cards and Crystal Deal deal

An Online Crystal Cards Reading and 3 Day Crystal Grid worth £35 for £24.50. YOU SAVE £10.50. That's 30%!

Available in North Devon, South Devon, North Cornwall, Mid-Devon and Exeter

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If you are looking for something special to boost your energy then this is for you. The energy of Crystals can empower you to feel more able physically and emotionally.

With this GrooVees deal you get an Online Card Reading Enhanced with Crystals and a 3 Day Crystal Grid to explore your energy and help improve upon yourself and your Chakras. You will see the benefits and wonders of crystals with Tabitha Saunders owner of Amethyst Wave Therapies, who has for many years work with crystals as well practicing Reiki and other complementary therapies.

Tabitha is very flexible and understanding in that online sessions can be challenging at times, which is why she offers a verity of options to have you session. Whether it’s a call on Facebook, mobile or video chat she will accommodate you and you will receive photos of your reading and crystal grid no matter which option you choose. Once you have arranged your session Tabitha will call you and ask how you are. She will then ask you what you know about cards and crystals and if it’s nothing like myself she will take a moment to explain and give a few examples of how crystals work and the difference between a couple. She will talk you through how they grow and the vibration energy and how this can affect us.

To start your reading Tabitha will cleanse and bless the cards so that they ready for you and have had no influence from other uses and can start a fresh. Tabitha also does this for her crystals as well before your session. She will draw cards and arrange them in a spread according to how she feels drawn, spreads and messages may vary from person to person according to individual need. Readings vary, some may include past present and future some may include personal guidance and you may have additional message cards if they present themselves.

Tabitha will one by one turn over each card and explain to you what the meaning of it is to you and if she has any feelings about what it could represent to you starting with your past and ending with your future. During this Tabitha will bring in your additional message card when she feel right and will also place crystals on or around your cards depending on what has been read and what crystal she feels needs to go on the card to help create a balance and increase positivity. To give you an example my personal card was the “angel of balance” meaning I bring balance to those around me but my distance past card was “hostilities”, so Tabitha placed black obsidian arrow heads to bring calm and grounding on this card, to help bring balance to myself.

Once all the cards have been read and crystals in place Tabitha will ask for you to set an intention or goal to gain out of the coming crystal grid which will be based on what you have discussed in the reading. She will write this down to form the centre of your crystal grid. She will then ask if you have any questions before you end the call and will invite you to spend some time to reflect or meditate over the next few days to help receive the energy from your grid and focus on your intention.

After your call Tabitha will send you photos of your cards and what they were along with a photo of your crystal grid which you can use to help meditate with over next few days. She will also explain the purpose of each crystal and herb used on your grid and leave it there for 3 days for the energy to reach you and allow you time to focus on your intention. After 3 days Tabitha will message you with a summary of what she has felt over the 3 days meditating with your grid and then dismantle it ready to be cleansed.

I found this experience very interesting as it was completely new to me. During the card reading I found a few cards were on point with myself and I found myself completely agreeing with what was being put out in front of me. This is a very personal experience so it is hard to share it without you knowing me. All I would say is, yes I was sceptic but there were things I completely agreed with what was shown to me. Defiantly one to try!

The rules: 

Must be redeemed by end of Wednesday, 30th June!
Sessions are online and require around 30 minutes

About Amethyst Wave Therapies: 

Amtheyst Wave Therapies is owned and run by Tabitha Saunders a fully qualified therapist, who has trained in Reiki 2, Massage, Indian Head Massage, Crystal Therapy, Beauty Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Card Readings and is a Meditation Practitioner im addition to a Nail Technician. . She offers inner balance and rest from life's challenges with positive therapies and readings to support the mind and encourage healing. Tabitha has day time, weekend and evening appointments available (subject to availability). She is able to also provide treatments online and in your home as a mobile practitioner.

This deal is ON!