One2One Yoga deal

One2One Yoga deal

A One to One Yoga Practice in your own home or the teachers home worth £35 for £19.50. YOU SAVE £15.50. That's over 44%!

Available in North Devon

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If you love yoga and like the idea of a dedicated teacher then this one's for you.

With this GrooVee you get a one and half hour Hatha yoga session with deeply experienced and qualified yoga teacher Ruth Chambers, at Ruth's own tranquil and welcoming living room in Torrington or in the comfort of your own home within an 8 mile radius of Torrington. It's just wonderful.

Yoga has been proven to improve  strength, flexibility and balance on the physical level, reduces stress and anxiety, improves insomnia and lifts your spirit.To keep heathy many people attend a Yoga class once or twice each week and some practice daily at home. Ruth Chambers has been doing yoga for over 44 years and teaching for the past 18  and is excellently placed to pass on the benefits of this wonderful practice to others as will be apparent when you first meet her. Ruth is wonderfully open hearted, respectful and down to earth, and is smartly presented in tasteful, comfortable daywear.  She has a lovely easy going , well loved home with its books, art and artefacts around her living room which is light and airy as it looks out to her garden. If you go to her home for your session you will find her most welcoming.  If you live within an 8 mile radius of Torrington Ruth can come to you. All you will need is a space big enough to lay a yoga mat on the floor, whether its hard or soft flooring. 

Ruth will begin by exploring how much yoga experience you have already had, and any particular issues you may need her to take into account such as a bad back or shoulder, or tight neck or past injuries, or perhaps the need to relax or any mental health issues such as depression or sleeplessness. She will also talk to you about what you want out of your yoga practice: flexibility, strength, balance, relaxation, physical or mental wellbeing or indeed all of the above! This will enable her to tailor your practice to make the session as effective as possible to meet your particular needs. Ruth prides herself on the fact that no matter how inflexible you are she can help, including using assisted movement techniques for those with disabilities or medical conditions. She has taught all kinds of people, young and old, at different levels of fitness and age. Currently her oldest pupil is 90! The great thing about one to one classes is that Ruth can give you completely individual attention, and work on the areas that are important for you alone, which is just not possible in a class. 

After the initial consultation you'll start your individually tailored Yoga session. Typically this will begin with some gentle relaxation followed by warm up moves to wake up your body. You'll then work through a range of 'asanas' or postures which Ruth will talk you through in detail, step by step, to make sure you are working safely and to meet you body's needs. There is no strain or stress involved, just comfortable, quiet but effective yoga practice at a level that you can cope with whether you are a beginner or need postures that are more demanding.  There is not standard routine and Ruth goes with her flow. The session will end with a guided meditation so that by the end of the session you are completely relaxed and grounded. It's a quality practice, dedicated to you and you alone. Marvellous. 

I loved my session with Ruth which I opted to have at her house  rather than my own as I already had reason to go to Torrington that day , although I would like to have sessions at home in future for ease of travel. Ruth's house is wonderfully calm, clear and clean - with a sense of gentle space about it. We talked for a while about my intentions in doing yoga and my general busy lifestyle and once she had a clear picture she suggested we get to work. We started the practice with some warm up stretches and within minutes she had identified some clear postural issues that I needed help with and we did some yoga moves to release my stiff and painful right shoulder and neck. The one 2 one gives you the time to work on things that are specific to you and so you can achieve so much more in a single practice than you can over a number of weeks in an open class.  The Hatha Yoga 'asanas' are ancient tried and tested moves for a healthy human body, mind and spirit which, together with the guided meditation to end, give you the most amazing sense of wellbeing. I left feeling extremely zenned out, feeling able to take on the rest of the day, free of so many aches and pains, as if I had been oiled ! And with a new kind of energy which set me up for the week. Highly recommended.

The rules: 

Must be redeemed by end of Sunday, 30th September!
Only available in your home within 8 miles of Torrington
Flexible hours
Multibuys possible but only one voucher per person
Can be taken as a gift voucher

About Ruth Chambers: 

Ruth Chambers has been practising yoga herself for the last 44 years, and teaching for 18 years. She relocated to North Devon from the East Midlands just under 2 years ago in search of peace and happiness, and was drawn unmistakably to Torrington where she runs yoga classes as well as teaching and practising Reiki and Mediation, life coaching and also performs beautiful ceremonies as a qualified celebrant. Ruth is a member of the Yoga for Health and Education Trust and FRYOG - the Friends of Yoga Society and is bound by their codes of practice. 

Ruth also teaches Meditation and Reiki to all levels and offer Life Coaching.

This deal is ON!

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