Mindfullness course deal

Mindfullness course deal

Get a "Trying on Mindfulness" Course of 6 Sessions worth £100 for £40. YOU SAVE £60. That's A whopping 60% !

Available in North Devon, South Devon, North Cornwall, Mid-Devon and Exeter

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed or just perhaps struggle to fall alseep at night, then this one’s for you.

With this GrooVees deal you get an 6 week online in person (session's are not recorded) Mindfulness course with Reni Brown a retired mental health professional, where you will learn how to reduce everyday anxiety, stress, improve sleep and get that enthusiasm back for life after last manic couples of years, while all being research based. 

When you sign up for this GrooVee deal you will first receive a phone call from Reni, so she can ask a few health questions and get to know you a little better.

Once you have had the call you can start on the course  on Tuesday 29th March at 10am with a 90 minute group session and will continue weekly for 6 weeks every Tuesday at 10am. On the course Reni will cover What mindfulness is and is not, Stress/Burnout, Neuroplasticity for well-being, Coping with unwanted thoughts and the Inner Critic, Chronic pain relief and Everyday Mindfulness and emotion regulation. On your first zoom session you will talk about mindfulness, your understanding of it and how your brain will naturally focus on the negativity around you because of our evolutional and biological responses (you wouldn’t have wanted to focus on how pretty the markings on the saber tooth tiger was when it was in front of you!), but also discuss the how to pace yourself back into the "new normal" of life. Reni will then present a very informative video explaining mindfulness and mind wondering so you get a full understanding of them both and notice it when it happens. You will then be shown and get to try an awareness exercise to test out what you have just learnt and increase your understanding of the subject. After you have tried the exercise Reni will then talk about how to apply it in your life, whether you are a busy bee or not you will discuss the opportunities there are to be mindful and present. Each session you will slowly build upon your understanding of your thoughts, thought process, gain valuable resources to use and continue to try out more awareness exercises. Reni knows that not one exercise fits everyone so she will work towards finding the right one for you and which exercises you can easily build into your life.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my session with Reni, but I found myself interested in how our minds work and learnt just how often our minds can wander and not be present with us. As someone who has suffered with episodes of depression I can see the great value of learning how to centre your thoughts and work on your own mindfulness. This is defiantly one to try!

The rules: 

First Session is Tuesday 29th March 2022
Must be redeemed by end of Tuesday, 29th March!
Must be able to attend sessions on Tuesdays 10am
To get the most out of the course attendance is key!

About Karuna Person Centred Mindfulness: 

Reni is a retired movement therapist who has practiced mindfulness for many years. In recent years she has trained to teach meditation and is particularly interested in making this something suited to each person, and done in a way that can be easily incorporated into everyday life. Her courses offer low dose meditation to make it possible to fit them into a busy lifestyle (you wont be sitting for 45 mins at a time to practice!)

Since the pandemic Reni has been offering courses to First Responders, and Care and Health Professionals with the aim of dealing effectively with work related stress, having worked in a health related field she brings an awareness of the unique challenges faced in these roles.

Sorry, this deal is OFF

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