Lower Back Pain deal

Lower Back Pain deal

A course of 3 lower back pain therapy sessions worth £107 for £47. YOU SAVE £60. That's over 55%!

Available in North Devon

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If you suffer from lower back pain and want to do something about it, or if you've tried everything there is out there but can't find a fix, then this one's for you.

With this GrooVee you get 3 lower back pain therapy sessions with fully qualified lower back pain specialist and sports therapist, Matt Wallin from Tarka Fitness and Therapy,  in his private home studio in Barnstaple. It's transformational for those with dodgy backs - whether you are active and exercise regularly already or not. 

Matt is confident and personable and he'll look professional, dressed in Tarka Fitness and Therapy branded sportswear, his studio is clean, tidy and ready to use. He'll begin your first by taking a detailed case history in which he'll want to know about your medical history, details about your back pain and condition, how long you have had it, its characteristics and how it first started as well as what steps you have taken to treat it.  He'll ask you about the kind of exercise you get, your diet and rest, stress levels and daily tasks. By the end of the conversation he will have a good picture of your lower back health and will have formed a view of the kind of treatment you will need to improve and protect it, subject to one or two tests which he'll ask you to do next. Assessments can be range form core strength to joint mobility, but either way Matt will talk you through which one he thinks is best for you, to try and find the cause of your issues. You may be asked to lay on a the mat out on the floor and then asked to do a number of physical tests which you'll do to a timer, including tests to assess your core strength and your anatomical balance or something simple like standing from a chair so Matt can see how your body is functioning. When he's seen how you perform he will share the results with you and talk you through a course of treatment of therapy and/or exercise that he will be asking you to do, designed for your particular low back condition.

Depending on what Matt find's, he will talk you through how he can help with his soft tissue therapy. Normally he starts with making sure all your muscles are working correctly and not in spasm and can very easily relax them off. In some cases there can be immediate improvement on sypmtons, pain and mobility. He'll may teach you how to perform an exercise and then observe you carefully as you do it, correcting where required until you have got it exactly. You'll be amazed to find how your body has been compensating in terms of posture and movement to accommodate your lower back pain and stiffness and you'll learn a lot about the cause of it. If you have a very severe condition, Matt will set you some homework, which will involve some exercises daily. He'll also show you some moves to bring relief when you are in pain. After about an hour and a quarter for the first session (but less in the follow up session which last about 30 minutes to an hour) your first session will be up and Matt will make an appointment with you to come back about a week later or sonner when you'll report on your weeks progress before Matt takes you through your continued course of treatment, again observing your muscle tone, correcting your posture, joint function where required to target the right part of your lower back precisely. You'll be motivated by Matt's encouragement to achieve much more with each session and you'll feel the improvement in terms of flexibility and pain levels.

In your second session you will continue your treatment with Matt and be able to report back to him how you have felt since your last visit.

By the end of the third session you'll have established a good undertsanding of what is going on and you'll have felt the benefits of this modern and dynamic approach to lower back pain management and be able to assess whether you would like to continue to work with Matt with a view to eliminating your back pain all together. He has worked successfully with many patients with both acute and chronic lower back pain who have improved their range of movement as well as relieved their pain, and has helped them establish their correct exercise routine which they can take forward independently for the rest of their lives. For some with particularly acute pain, he is able to use a tens machine to enable the patient to do the exercises required to help them.  It's effective, entirely natural and will provide life long relief as well as an improved range of movement and flexibility within a few weeks  - the only thing you have to do is follow his instructions and do the prescribed exercise. Simple as that. 

I have had a chronic lower back problem for over 15 years, sometimes worse than at others. It aches by the afternoon every day, and when my back 'goes' I'm in agony. I had just one session with Matt and he showed me the cause of my problem, the extent of it, and what I need to do to get rid of my back aches for good. He showed me how to get relief from the aches and pains whenever I have them, and what it would take to prevent them altogether. By the end of the first session I was not only convinced, and armed with some great exercises, but my back felt much looser with more mobility than it had for ages too. I'd love to follow up with more sessions with Matt this summer. I felt motivated and inspired by his enthusiasm, his amazing understanding of the way backs work and the range of movement that I could achieve. It showed me the path to a pain free life. Well worth trying. 

The rules: 

Must be redeemed by end of Saturday, 30th April!
By appointment only
Appointments at Matt's private studio in Barnstaple
Cancellations less than 24 hours incur loosing a session
Multibuyins possible but only one voucher per person
No other offers apply
Can be taken as a gift voucher
Only new customers of Tarka Fitness & Therapy

About Tarka Fitness and Therapy: 

Matt Wallin is a fully qualifed personal trainer, soft tissue specialist and is specially trained to level 4 in lower back pain management and nutritional coaching. He is qualified for GP referral ,and is trained to conduct exercise programmes for the elderly and for tens application with Electrotherapy UK.  He has a BSc in Fitness and Personal Training from one of the top 5 sports science univerisites in the country as well as a Diploma in Sports Performance and Excellence. He is the owner and operator of Tarka Fitness and Therapy providing physical therapy services to people in his very own private studio in Barnstaple. His studio gives you complete privacy and makes you feel welcome, safe and supported throughout your time spent with him. He is available for sessions 4 days a week, daytime and evenings. For more information go to www.tarkafitness.co.uk

This deal is ON!

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