GrooVees announcement and NHS staff support deal

GrooVees announcement and NHS staff support deal

The best health service in the world worth £1,000,000 for £1. YOU SAVE £999,999. That's a service beyond words and a saving beyond a %!

Available in North Devon

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The team at GrooVees would like to send our best wishes to everyone at this time of adversity.

We hope you all stay safe and stay healthy and we share our hope that we will all come out of this difficult situation together and stronger.

Obviously our normal volume of deals will not be making its way through the website however we are looking for ways to continue supporting local businesses and to bring you great deals during this very challenging time without you having to worry about voucher redemption dates while we are in lockdown, and of course without needing you to leave the safety of your home. If we find any suitable deals we will let you know!

Also a quick mention for our NHS staff. Incredible doesn’t quite say it does it?

We’re reliant on them so often but never so much as now. Many of them will now be working the longest shifts of their careers, and they don’t do short shifts as it is!

During this time the resources of the NHS will be stretched and this will impact the staff and once their shifts are done there is every chance they won’t make it to the supermarkets, and even if they do they may just be greeted by emptying shelves.

Over and above is the hospital charity for north Devon and they have launched a campaign as North Devon District Hospital braces itself for the coming weeks, to support the local NHS staff with meal packages, other essential items and additional temporary rest areas at the hospital stocked with refreshments for their long shifts.

We understand times are hard for many right now, but if you have anything spare you can buy into this “deal” for as little as £1, and you can buy in as many times as you like if you are able to give more, and all proceeds of the deal will be forwarded to Over and Above for their “Help Us Help You” campaign to support these critical individuals as they work tirelessly to fight this pandemic.

Above all, stay safe and stay healthy everyone!




The rules: 

Stay in and stay safe!
This deal is ON!

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