Full Body Oil Massage deal

Full Body Oil Massage deal

A Full Body Oil Massage with Ebb and Flow Massage worth £45 for £29.50. YOU SAVE £15.50. That's over 40%!

Available in North Devon

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If your in need of de-stressing and you love good relaxing and restorative massage and are a fan of organic non-scented coconut oil and all of its goodness then this one's for you.

With this GrooVee you get a Full Body Oil Massage with expert and fully qualified Lomi Lomi practitioner Linda Moore, of Ebb and Flow Massage at her home based candlelit massage room in Appledore. It's a wonderful treat for your mind, body and soul. 

Before your appointment Linda will send you the consultation form for you to fill in prior your visit to minimize time at her home, per recommendations from her  “Control of cross-infection in a post Covid-19 world” course. However she is still offering forms to fill out on the day for those who don’t have the access to a computer.

Linda will welcome you at the front door of her pretty cottage home which you'll find easily in a quiet little lane off Irsha Street in Appledore. There's easy parking right outside in the neighbourhood carpark almost next door.  Inside, Linda's lovely home is delightful, uncluttered, cottagey and comfortable and the massage room upstairs is a real safe haven with its candlelight and soft music playing gently in the background. You'll feel as if you've got away from it all.  Linda will invite you to sit down for the first 10 minutes or so for a brief consultation including a bit about your medical history, aches and pains etc.  Linda is a bright and sunny personality and you'll feel completely at ease as she talks you through how it works, before showing you up the winding cottage staircase to her treatment room up on the top floor. You'll feel the warmth of the cosy, snug treatment room with its relaxed vibe, candles and blue and white beachy colour scheme with an inviting and comfy looking massage couch. She'll leave you to undress to your pants ( there is a handy special basket for you to pop your clothes in and a dish for your jewelry and watch) and lie face down ready for your massage. You'll instantly feel the joy of the heated couch which is super comfy with a soft face support. You'll feel the softness of the fresh blue towel as you cover yourself up before Linda comes back in to start your treatment. First she cleans your feet with a flannel and water which makes you feel instantly nurtured in her care. Linda will then guide you through some deep breaths as she rests her hands on your back and head,  then gently pats your skin through the soft towels. Linda pulls back the towel from your back and you'll then feel the luxurious trickle of the wonderfully warm organic coconut oil as it is poured gently over your skin, then the massage begins. Linda is an experienced therapist and applies her swedish massage techniques with superb pace. It feels measured and comforting and you'll feel the tension melting away with each stroke. At just the right pressure, not too light and not too firm, there is no deep tissue work or discomfort at all. The whole massage is designed brilliantly to take you to a relaxed state where your body and soul can do its best healing. Once your back massage is complete Linda covers your back to retain the sumptuous warmth from the massage and the couch and then moves to work the backs of your legs, first one then the other, applying warm organic coconut oil each time. You'll then turnover and Linda will work her magic to the front of your legs and your feet, then arms and hands. Finally, as you drift off into a dreamy place, warm and comfortable under the soft towels Linda will begin the neck and head massage which is equally heavenly. Your neck is gently held and pulled out into an exquisite stretch before it's completely supported so that Linda can turn your head to one side to massage your ear, down to your shoulder, and your head before turning your head to the other side. It's just divine. When the massage ends you'll feel nurtured and soothed and you'll rest for a moment while Linda gets you a glass of refreshing water and leaves you to get dressed in your own time. You can take off some of the excess oil with a towel before you get dressed (though you won't want to be going anywhere apart from home afterwards so that you can make the most of the fabulous coconut oil on your hair and skin which is beautifully hydrating and not at all sticky) and when you emerge you'll feel calm and tranquil, nourished and restored.

I loved this organic oil massage so much that I rebooked immediately for the following week! The warmth of the oils, which are so good for the skin, and all the touches like the fresh, soft towels, divinely comfy heated couch, soothing music add to the actual treatment and Lindas massage technique is spot on - the perfect pressure for relaxation -her expertise and years of training are clear. I kept the lovely organic oils on my skin and in my hair on for the rest of the day to soak up all of its goodness, and felt rejuvenated and rested for days. I felt lifted and loved! If you love good massage then you won't want to miss this amazing massage and great service too.

Linda has always upheld the highest standards of hygiene before Covid-19 and continues to do so now, with the addition of the new guidelines set by the government and wearing PPE. She is also taking extra measure to monitor her own health and temperature daily to make sure she does not have any of the symptoms.

If you have tested positive for Covid-19, and are now feeling well and no longer self-isolating, you will need written or verbal consent from your GP/Consultant before going ahead with any treatments.

The rules: 

Must be redeemed by end of Thursday, 22nd July!
Optional extra 10 minutes massage on the back for £10
By appointment only
Redeemable Monday - Thursday 9am-5pm
It is Mandatory to wear a face covering
Not suitable in first 3 months of pregnancy
Cancer/cardiac or epilepsy patients will need Doctor consent
Multibuys possible but only one voucher per person
No other offers apply
Can be taken as a gift voucher
GP consent needed if you have had COVID-19

About Ebb and Flow Massage: 

Ebb and Flow was set up by Linda Moore 8 years ago. She studied in Exeter where she qualified as a masseuse and travelled the world, did a course in Thai Massage in Thailand and then later learned and practiced Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage techniques under the guidance of a Polynesian tutor in Australia and then enhanced her knowledge, passion and understanding of Hawaiian Massage by attending an authentic Hawaiian Lomi Lomi workshop on the island of Maui in Hawaii.  She then settled in North Devon to be near the sea and surf and set up Ebb and Flow to specialise in Lomi Lomi.   She has since extended her massage treatments to incorporate a range of other massage therapies and natural beauty therapies. Linda believes in natural beauty and in relaxation with beauty as a holistic approach to self care. Bookings Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm  at her home based treatment room in Appledore. For more information about Ebb and Flow go to www.ebbandflowmassage.co.uk

This deal is ON!