Full body massage deal

Full body massage deal

A one hour full body massage worth £35 for £28. YOU SAVE £7. That's 20%!

Available in North Devon

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If you’re feeling in need of the chance to relax and enjoy a bit of 'me time' then this one’s for you!

With this GrooVee you’ll get a full body massage session with therapist Claire Bracher of Enhance t her lovely treatment room located behind her home in South Molton.

When you arrive for your appointment you will be greeted by Claire at the front of her home where you will be able to park and she will then guide you around the side to her dedicated treatment room.

Claire will carry out your treatment whilst wearing the necessary PPE to ensure everyone’s safety and allowing you to relax, there is hand sanitizer available and the treatment area is cleaned and everything used during treatments is replaced between sessions to ensure maximum cleanliness and minimum worry.

Once in the treatment room Claire will ask you a few quick questions to make sure you have no skin conditions or allergies she needs to be aware of and to assess whether you would prefer a more relaxing, or invigorating, massage and any areas you would like her to focus on.

I opted for an all-round relaxation massage as I didn’t feel any need for any area to be focused on on left thoroughly relaxed.

Once you have gone through your questions, Claire will leave the room while you undress and lay on the massage table and cover yourself with the fresh towels laid across it. She will then turn on some relaxing music, select the best oil for your chosen massage and begin.

You will start by laying on your front so that Claire can begin with your back and shoulders before moving to work on the back of your legs ankles and feet. You will be covered with the towels and Claire will pull them back as she needs to, to work on each area before covering you back up and moving on.

You’ll then roll over onto your back and Claire will place a covering over your eyes before working on the front of each leg in turn as well as your arm and hands then moving you the front of your shoulders and neck and finally your face and head.

Once your treatment is finished, Claire will leave the room again to give you time relax before redressing and she will return with drink of water for you to help maintain your hydration after the effects of your treatment.

I was with Claire for an hour and 15 minutes in total, with the massage lasting just over an hour. I left very relaxed, which lasted for a few days, which is always a feeling very well receieved!


The rules: 

Must be redeemed by end of Thursday, 31st December!
Treatment subject to satisfactory health questionnaire
Treatment to be taken during open times listed
1 per person but additional vouchers can be bought as gifts.

About Enhance: 

Claire Bracher is a qualified and experienced Beauty Therapist who lives and works in South Molton. She has recently rebranded as Enhance Non-surgical Face Lifts and Rejuveination, and operates from her private studio located behind her home.

Appointments can be arranged on Mondays through to Saturday's.

Check out what Claire has to offer at www.Facebook.com/clairesenhance/ or https://enhancenonsurgicalfacelifts.co.uk/

This deal is ON!

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