Fly Like a Bird Interactive deal

Fly Like a Bird Interactive deal

A Fly Like a Bird Tandem Hang Gliding Experience+video worth £189 for £139. YOU SAVE £50. That's over 26%!

Available in North Devon, South Devon, North Cornwall, Mid-Devon and Exeter

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If you've always wanted to know how it feels to soar through the air like a bird, to see our beautiful coastline from the sky, but prefer the idea of being in the safe hands of an expert pilot, and with the ability to watch it all back on video afterwards then this one's for you! Or what an awesome Christmas gift for someone you love!

With this GrooVee you get a Tandem Hang Gliding Air Experience plus Interactive Package with Sam Jeyes, qualified and highly experienced chief pilot and owner at Woolacombe based Fly Like a Bird. You'll fly from the hill tops at Woolacombe Downs, a short uphill drive from Woolacombe itself. All equipment is provided including hang glider, safety helmet, harness, flight suit and gloves and a few days after the flight you'll get sent a link to the Interactive Package which includes a page on the Fly Like a Bird website where you can view a 3 minute video of the highlights of your flight download up to 6 photos of you and the views at different stages of the flight and see the map of your flight on Google Earth. It's all shareable on social media too. All you need to do is go up the hill to the Downs in Woolacombe for your pre booked flight which can be booked from the 1st April 2021. You'll need to be dressed in warm layers, wearing comfortable shoes and prepared to possibly spend a small wait on the hill waiting for the right weather conditions for a safe and exhilarating flight! 

When you book your flight you'll be asked to complete a pre-flight form online to provide the information Sam needs such as your weight and height. He'll ask you to confirm that you're in good health too and ask about your general fitness. Once you've completed the form, Sam will be able to confirm the date and estimated time for your flight, which of course will be subject to weather conditions on the day. The night before your flight you'll call Sam to confirm that the weather will work for the flight and to get directions on where you'll meet the following day. You'll need to arrive at least half an hour before you fly as you'll need to allow time to park up, and then walk across a couple of fields  toward Woolacombe Downs until you see Sam who'll be waiting for you with his truck and kit. He's instantly reassuring with his open and confident style and he'll immediately give you a reading of the weather conditions and how long it might be before you can fly. If the wind and thermals are just right then you'll be asked to put on a helmet and a top to toe flying suit for warmth and protection, then you'll get into the harness. You'll be guided by Sam to walk under the wings of the Wills Wing Falcon 3 tandem hang glider (a perfect glider for these dual flights) so that he can attach your harness to the frame, not once, but twice to ensure your safety. Once you're attached then he'll attach himself, check the equipment and your harness one more time, and then ask you to hold onto handles on the sides of his bodywear for take-off. He'll instruct you to run forwards when he starts running and to then relax and go with him when you feel yourself lifting. He'll explain that you will be flying just to the left hand side of him, almost resting on his back, holding on either side of him. You'll then begin the short run from the starting point down the hill and you'll feel your weight lift as the glider takes off on the wind. You'll feel the thrill for the first time of seeing the beautiful coastline and beach beneath you as you're suspended horizontally looking down over Sam's left shoulder and feeling the wonder of flight. The glider will rise slowly and gently, almost imperceptibly, and you'll feel totally safe in Sam's expert care. He'll check you're happy and comfortable and you'll be amazed at how easy it is to hear him in the peace and quiet up there. There's no loud rushing of wind in your ears and no sounds from the glider as you might expect, you'll just look around you to drink in all of the beauty in the wonderful tranquillity, taking in every moment to make sure that you don't miss a single second of this amazing experience. No wonder birds look so graceful and so serene!  If you're lucky you may have the opportunity to watch birds in flight from their perspective while you're up there which'll add to the rather surreal feeling that you're 1000 feet or so above the dunes below. Sam will pilot the glider to take advantage of that day's thermals on the flight path you take. We had the joy of flying along the coast towards Woolacombe and then back towards Putsborough before landing in the field next to where we had taken off. The turns of the glider feel smooth and graceful, though quite fast and when you turn into landing you'll feel a rush as the field rises to meet you, and before you know it the glider has come to a halt and you're ready to stand so that you can be unhitched and get out of your safety clothes. It's totally awesome. 

The flight itself takes about 15 to 20 minutes depending on your weight and the wind of course, and although that sounds short, it is in fact plenty of time in the air. It feels as if everything has gone into a kind of slow motion when you're up there, so you feel ready to descend when the time comes - and the landing's exciting. However, it's worth noting that the weather in this lovely country of ours, and particularly on the North Devon coast, is prone to rapid change and because of that some flights aren't able to leave at the appointed time. Much of the skill in hang gliding is knowing when best to fly, and soemtimes Sam spends a fair time on the hilltop with the glider rigged and ready to go, waiting to catch the optimum wind. For this reason it’s a good idea to make an afternoon of  it, take a good picnic, a good book and some deck chairs and blankets so that you can enjoy the superb views of our coastline even before you take off. You'll also be advised to take some windproof and water proof layers, just in case, and a hat and gloves too even on a sunny day, as the winds feel colder on top of the Downs and you're a fair walk from the car. Sam has kites you can fly with your kids while you wait (you get to learn about wind and its power from the ground!) and there will often be other folk around waiting for a flight too so you might make some new friends in the process - sharing this kind of experience makes for a kind of immediate bond! 

I went up on a tandem flight with Sam and so did my 10 year old son, and we totally loved it. We were naturally a little apprehensive as we had never done anything like this before and had no idea what to expect as we drove up to Woolacombe Downs and crossed the field. But we really needn't have worried. The feeling as your feet leave the ground and you get your first glimpse of the view is utterly breath-taking and the exhilaration of the whole flight is indescribable. And we loved watching the video highlights of our flight which Sam sent to us a few days afterwards as part of the Interactive package, (you can see my video here) we were able to re-live the whole thing again and again and friends and family were amazed to see what we'd done and to see the route we took on the Google Earth map - its incredible how far you can get in 15 to 20 minutes when you're flying! Suffice to say that we'd recommend it to everyone because you just have to see what it's like for yourself. You couldn't possibly feel safer than in Sam's care. His knowledge and experience, his patience and sheer love of the sport give you total confidence in him from first meeting and as one of only 7 commercial tandem pilots in the country, it’s clear that he is a very rare breed. 


The rules: 

Redeem 22nd March to 21st July or 1st Sept to 15th Oct 2022
Includes kit, flight, video, photos and map of flight path
Suitable 10yrs up: subject to min and max height/weight
Minimum height 1.4m Maximum height 1.95m
A reasonable level of fitness required to fly
Pre-flight advice must be followed
Warm clothing and comfy shoes essential
Minimum weight 5 st/31kg Maximum weight 14.5 st/92kgs
Advisable to bring something to eat and drink
Can be taken as a gift voucher

About Fly Like a Bird: 

Fly Like a Bird, which is supported by the Rural Development Programme for England, is owned and managed by fullly qualified dual air experience pilot Sam Jeyes, who is one of only 7 commercial tandem hang gliding pilots in the country. Sam has been flying hang gliders since the age of 18, and with a Degree in Leisure and Tourism Management, he taught activity sports in France before moving to Canada for 12 years where he continued to build on his hang gliding experience to include towed gliders as well as finding and testing new sites across the country. In 2007 he became Business Manager for the Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada, and returned to the UK where he became a committee member of the North Devon Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association,completed his Pilot Rating and Club Coach rating followed by his Dual Air Experience Rating in February this year and  passed his Senior Air Experience Examination in March 2014 with flying colours ( excuse the pun). He is now applying to the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association to become a Chief Flying Instructor. In addition to running Fly Like a Bird which he set up this year, Sam is also Sites Officer with the North Devon Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.

For more information about Fly Like a Bird and Sam Jeyes go to

This deal is ON!

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