Float and massage deal

Float and massage deal

Get 10 minute Seated Massage and 1 hour Float at Reflections worth £48 for £24.50. YOU SAVE £23.50. That's Over 48%!

Available in North Devon

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If you’d like to feel the sensation of weightlessness, relaxation and peace then this deal is for you!

With this GrooVee deal you will get a 10 minute seated massage followed by an hour float therapy at Reflections Spa in Ilfracombe. Your massage will be given to you by Spa owner Rosie, a qualified sports massage therapist of many years and who will guide you to through your relaxation, straight into the float room.

Reflections Spa is located on the harbour side of the high street of Ilfracombe town, only a short walk from available parking and easy to find. Once you find Reflections on the high street you will notice the charming décor and can walk straight into reception on the left once through the door. You will then be greeted by Rosie, whom will welcome you into the Spa ask your name and offer you a seat and a glass of water. Rosie is very cheery and makes your feel welcome immediately from walking through the door. You will then be given a questionnaire to fill in to find your current state of health and so Rosie is fully informed. Once completed Rosie will talk you through the steps of each treatment, asking questions like “how much pressure do you like for your massage?” and giving you information about the float such as “covering any cuts with Vaseline provided for you”. You will then be taken up to the relaxation area of the Spa, up a few steps where you will find a massage chair and the warmth of a summer’s day waiting for you. You will also find sun loungers around the room, which you are welcome to sit down in after your session. For the massage you will be asked to take any spare tops off so Rosie can work over your T-shirt or strap top. Rosie will instruct you on how to sit and adjust the chair if need be, so that you are nice and comfortable. Once ready the massage will begin, starting from your shoulders, down your back then back up again, into the neck, down into the arms and forearms then back up to the neck and shoulders where it will finish. Rosie will check to make sure she is getting the right pressure for you throughout the treatment, making it individual to what you want. I like to feel a good amount of pressure going into my body, so my treatment was on the deeper scale. After the massage Rosie tell you to stay seated for a moment while she grabs you some more water and then will ask you to stand up in your own time. When I stood up I felt very loose and nimble in the areas which had been worked on. Even after just a 10 minute massage I felt great. Once ready you will then be led to the float room and shown the bath room if you need it. Inside the float room you will told how to use the lights inside the float tank, how to use the shower and also shown where you can leave your clothes, the products provided for you like Vaseline, shower gel, ear plugs if you wish to use them, etc and that for the first and last 10 minutes of the float you will have music on. You will then be left in the float room to get into your swim wear and take a quick shower and cover any cuts you may have before getting into the float tank. Once you get into the float tank you can either keep the door open or closed, depending which you’d prefer, then sit down on your bum and lie on your back with your hands behind your head if you wish. As soon as you lie backwards you will notice that you are no longer touching the floor and are just “Floating” in the water. It can be a strange feeling at first, but you soon get used to it and start to relax with the music, which turns off after 10 minutes. The lights in the tank are very pretty set out to look like stars in the night sky on the ceiling, which you can have on or if you’d prefer the darkness to relax in you can easily switch them off with a button to the side of the tank so you don’t even have to get up. As you relax your mind may wonder or may just find yourself in a state of meditation. You lay there relaxing and will notice that the music will gradually turn back on letting you know you have 10 minutes left. You can get out early if you wish but don’t worry about running over as a gentle voice will tell you your hour is over on the sound system. Once you have got out you will probably notice your skin is very smooth from the Dead Sea salt and again at this point you can have a shower to wash all the salt off your body before getting dressed. Once dressed you can make your way to reception where you will find Rosie who will ask you how your float was, offer you some more water and if you’d like just take some time before heading off. She will also tell you to make sure to drink plenty of water for the next day or so.

I really liked the combination of massage then immediately having a float session. I have had both separately, but never together and I found it works amazingly. I felt loose from the massage and then was able to fully relax in the float, what a wonderful combination. If you are looking to find another level of relaxation or just want to find out what weightlessness feels like then this is defiantly one to try!

The rules: 

Must be redeemed by end of Thursday, 30th June!
Vouchers to be presented at appointment
24 hour appointment cancellation policy
Please bring swim wear for the float and lose clothing
All towels and shower products provided, no extra cost
Email for appointments: reflections133@gmail.com

About Reflections: 

Reflections is Ilfracombes very own floatation and therapy room owned by Sports Massage Therapist Rosie Beecham. The centre's philosophy is to offer a holistic approach to body and mind. Whether you come to use our state of the art Floatation room or book yourself in with one of our many therapists, your wellbeing will always be at the forefront.  In our facilities, you’ll find a place where you can de-stress, breathe deeply and concentrate on yourself. This will be the experience your soul is longing for. Get away from it all and make a space for yourself to concentrate on what’s really important: your health and your happiness. A perfect place for a unique experience, where you’ll find the help you need to get to know an improved version of yourself.

This deal is ON!

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