Facial Reflexology- Exeter deal

Facial Reflexology- Exeter deal

A Facial Reflexology treatment worth £40 for £19.50. YOU SAVE £20.50. That's over 50%!

Available in South Devon, Mid-Devon and Exeter

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If you're feeling under the weather, out of sorts, have a chronic condition that traditional medicine can't seem to fix, like the idea of reflexology but don't like having your feet touched or would just like to try an alternative approach to managing your wellbeing then this one's for you.

With this GrooVee you get a one hour Facial Reflexology session with fully qualified and experienced reflexologist Lesley Tucker in the elegant private treatment rooms at Exeter Natural Health Centre just off Queen Street. It's a thorough and impressive treatment and you'll feel it's effectiveness and the deep relaxation it brings. 

You'll arrive at Exeter Natural Health Centre, up on the first floor, behind Boston Tea Party in the city centre, and you'll take a seat on one of the comfortable sofas there. You can help yourself to a hot or cold drink at the kitchen station if you arrive early for your appointment and relax in the peace that this lovely place offers.  Lesley will come to find you and will welcome you into the elegant treatment room with its couch in the centre, neatly covered in pretty cotton sarong and comfy cushions in cerise and mauves. The treatment rooms are not at all clinicy. Tasteful artworks and the occasional table or comfy chair or sideboard give it a wonderfully civilised feel , the kind that you get in a well run private practice, but with a deep sense of respect and love of humanity around.  Lesley's a serene, and reassuring personality and you'll feel comfortable in her care.  You'll sit down and sip a glass of fresh water while you complete a 10 minute consultation with Lesley who needs to gather information about your lifestyle, past and general state of health and whether you are looking to treat any particular condition. She'll explain how facial reflexology works and what sort of results you can achieve before you lie down on the comfy couch with its pretty colour co-ordinated throws, turned back invitingly ready to keep you warm. Lesley will ask you to lie on your back on the couch and will place a pillow under your knees for comfort. Lesley will ask you if you'd like to listen to soft music as she works, or if you prefer you can lie back and listen to the gentle sounds of the distant city below. She will then secure your hair with a soft hair band to keep it out of your face, before applying a light all round organic cleanser which she removes with light strokes of a hot towel. The warmth is welcome and it feels refreshing and reassuring to know that she will be working on nice clean skin. She'll then apply an almond and apricot oil or grapeseed oil if you prefer and works around  your face with her fingers expertly applying pressure to the required pressure points as she goes. The principle of facial  reflexology is, just as with reflexology on the feet and hands,  that different points in the face correspond via the body's neural pathways with the various organs and that it is therefore possibly to treat the body from the face (just as is it from the hand and feet). Lesley has a firm and confident technique and you'll feel it now and again as she reaches parts of your body which are congested or which require treatment. She can feel those spots with her finger tips and will work over them a few times. She'll use a specialist tool to work the points around your lips which relate to the digestive system and you'll feel light flowing strokes over your cheeks upwards to your eye sockets.  As the treatment progresses you'll start to relax deeply as you become accustomed to the sensation and the condition of your reflex points improves from the treatment. Then when its all done Lesley will ring the tingsha bells to signal that the treatment is over and leave you for a moment while she gets you a glass of water and gives you time to come round from your relaxed state. The process of flushing out that you'll need to continue after the treatment with that first glass of water begins immediately and you'll be given advice to drink plenty and try to avoid anything too strenuous for the rest of the day. You'll notice a lighter relaxed feeling in your facial muscles and maybe some tingling either during the treatment or when you stand up but you'll certainly feel as if you've had something done. This isn't a pure relaxation style reflexology treatment - so nothing light and tickly about it. It's therapeutic. 

I loved Lesley's therapeutic approach. She is knowledgeable and confidence inspiring, and I felt very safe in her hands. The treatment room is fresh and appealing and I enjoyed being in the space , and the scent of the oils used  lifted my senses. I could feel the areas of my body that needed attention as Lesley worked the relevant pressure points and I asked plenty of questions about the areas of discomfort they arose. I had a particular right shoulder pain and noticed that when she applied pressure to the corresponding point on my right brow that it felt uncomfortable  ( but not on my left which is pain free) . The reflexology soon melted the discomfort away and I could feel my face tingling. When she had finished my treatment I felt rested, energised and much more relaxed. I slept well that evening and generally felt better afterwards, as if something had unblocked.  Recommended if you really want to feel well.

The rules: 

Must be redeemed by end of Friday, 30th November!
Only valid for Lesley's Exeter Clinic
By appointment only
Not suitable for those with contagious skin conditions
Not suitable for those with active acne or open sores
Some medical conditions may require GP referral
Multibuys possible but only one voucher per person
No other offers apply

About Lesley Tucker Reflexology: 

Lesley Tucker retrained to become a reflexologist after a career in accounting, such was her belief in reflexology as an effective treatment. She is fully qualified from the Devon School of Reflexology and has also completed advanced training courses with Tony Porter and then with Sally Kay who is famous for her speciality in lymph drainage reflexology. She has also completed specialist training in Reproductive Reflexology with Seren Natural Fertility , specialist Maternity Training with Jenni Tribe and Facial Reflexology and the Zone Face Lift with award winning facial reflexologist Ziggie Bergman. Lesley is a member of the Association of Reflexology and is bound by its code of conduct. She gives treatments in Exeter on Tuesdays and some Wednesdays between 9am and 7pm. For more information go to www.lesleytuckerreflexology.co.uk  or find her on Facebook here

This deal is ON!

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