Drs Remedy Summer Pedicure deal

Drs Remedy Summer Pedicure deal

A Drs Remedy enriched nail care pedicure with Jo Burgess at Raphael worth £20 for £12. YOU SAVE £8. That's 40%!

Available in North Devon

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If you want a treat to look forward to with all that’s going on at the moment and if you'd love pretty feet this summer and prefer kind treatments that use beautiful natural products and avoid all 'the nasties', then this one's for you.

With this GrooVee you get a pedicure treatment with Jo Burgess at her treatment room at Raphael Therapy Rooms in Mill Street Bideford. Given the current public health situation, Jo would like to stress that she will honour any vouchers purchased, so you can buy in without worry that the current climate will leave you unable to redeem your vouchers and she is even willing to help combat the current loo roll shortage by giving a free loo roll with every treatment! If you would like any extra information please contact us or Jo, who’s contact details will be on your vouchers, or we can provide them if you would prefer.

For this treatment Jo uses naturally formulated Tropic Skincare products, and then you will be able to choose from a wide range of colours for pretty toes from American Podiatric Medical Association approved Drs Remedy enriched nail care products which are infused with wheat protein, tea tree oil, garlic bulb extract and lavender which help strengthen, nourish and treat your nails and are totally free from harmful chemicals formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, camphor, phthalates or DBP- all known carcinogens. It's wonderful and great for kids, suitable for vegans- in fact, everyone who likes to look after themselves and likes good looking feet!

You'll arrive at Raphael in the heart of Bideford and be welcomed by Jo who will take you to one of the private treatment rooms on the ground floor. It's a busy therapy centre and you'll notice the wide range of treatments on offer there, from podiatry to facials, although it's definitely got more of a natural therapy feel to it rather than a beauticians - and as their current refurbishment of the interior is a bit of a work in progress there are one or two areas that are still screened off and clearly in a stage of evolution but don't let that put you off at all as the main areas are decorated with a beautiful natural leaf print which is bright and vibrant, and there's a laid back feel to the place, so you'll definitely enjoy your treatment.

Jo is a qualified beautician, but prefers a natural approach to beauty treatments and doesn't wear much make up (if any at all). She's carefully sought out the most natural products around and aware that nail polishes can be highly toxic, she researched nail care products until she found Drs Remedy products in the USA. Jo's treatment room is decorated in muted colours and with a hydraulic couch in the centre of the room, bedecked with towels and hygiene cover and a table with a lovely display of the Drs Remedy enriched nail colours to tempt you. They look truly delicious. You'll then be able to read the information sheets left on the couch for you to browse which tell you all about the Drs Remedy story and the podiatric surgeons who developed the products to prevent their clients nails from becoming dry, brittle and yellow in colour which can come from the harsh chemicals found in traditional nail polishes. She'll invite you to step up onto the couch, barefoot of course, to lie back and get comfy and she'll provide extra pillows if required. She'll complete a brief consultation form and then, after putting on gloves she'll sanitise your feet with alcohol wipes before she begins your treatment (she's big on hygiene and is careful to wear new gloves for each client and to clean equipment between treatments to prevent cross contamination) . She starts with one foot and begins by tidying your nails with a glass file or disposable file (single use only (she uses glass so that she can sterilise it between treatments and because she finds glass files to be very effective but kind to the nails) there is also an environmental benefit in glass being recyclable. Filing is done with prettiness and nail painting in mind rather than as a podiatry treatment and she then dry files your hard skin which is more effective than wet filing. She'll apply a lovely naturally citrussy fragrant Tropic Skincare Footscrub (or if you have sensitive skin she will use a facial grade Tropic Skincare scrub which is lighter on your skin). The foot scrub is then removed with lovely hot towels before applying a wonderful Tropic Skincare Moisturiser to suit your particular skin type and gives your foot and ankle a nice hydrating massage. This is when Jo tidies the cuticles using a wood or metal cuticle tool. By the time she's finished you'll have chosen which of the wide range of the Drs Remedy colours you'd like on your toes and then Jo will start the painting. First a Drs Remedy base coat infused with all of its goodies: wheat protein (tried and tested on Celiac), tea tree, garlic bulb and lavender as all of their products are, then two coats of colour, followed by a top coat and when its done you'll get off the high couch and look down and see wonderfully hydrated, revitalised, pretty feet with perfectly painted toes and know that they are as natural as can be.


The rules: 

Must be redeemed by end of Monday, 31st August!
By appointment only
Children's treatments with parental consent
Multibuys possible but only one pedicure per person
No other offers apply
Can be taken as a gift voucher

About Raphael: 

Jo Burgess and her husband David set up Raphael Treatment and Therapy Rooms over five years ago in Mill Street, Bideford to provide a care centre for body and mind. Treatments are personalised and customised, and given in a relaxed, respectful manner by a multi disciplinary qualified team. Jo is a qualified level three beauty therapist, nail technician and masseuse and currently study at level 4 beauty skills! Earlier this year Raphael expanded into the building next door to create more therapy rooms. The refurbishment programme is still in progress in part, although that does not effect the quality of the service for the many customers who enjoy their treatments at Raphael.  For more information about Raphael go to  www.raphael-treatment-and-therapy-rooms.co.uk or visit their Facebook page.

This deal is ON!

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