Crystal Reiki Deluxe Indian Head Massage deal

Crystal Reiki Deluxe Indian Head Massage deal

A Crystal Reiki Deluxe Indian Head Massage with Amethyst Wave Therapies worth £30 for £14.50. YOU SAVE £15.50. That's over 50%!

Available in North Devon

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If you're feeling stressed, fatigued or generally in need of a healing massage treat then this one's for you. 

With this GrooVee you get a one hour Crystal Reiki Deluxe Indian Head Massage with massage trained and gifted crystal therapist and reiki practitioner Tabitha from Amethyst Wave Therapies in her lovely secluded dedicated treatment hut, known as 'The Nest' at the bottom of her private garden down a lane in the village of Newton Tracey. It's uplifting.

You'll find your way down the lane behind the houses to the parking area at the top of the garden with the help of the excellent directions that you'll get from Tabitha when you make your booking. Once parked, Tabitha will pop her head out of the door to The Nest to guide you down over the lawn to meet her. It's a rural little spot. You'll be welcomed into The Nest by a warm and friendly Tabitha, and you'll be amazed. It's a beautiful treatment hut, warm and cosy, pristine and decorated with enchanting wall hangings and drapes in shades of purple, plum and mauve, softly lit with a range of crystal lamps and candles, and wonderfully aromatic, making it atmospheric and comforting all at once. You'll be invited to sit down next to a box of crystals which glimmer and glow in one corner, drawing you in to look and touch. 

Tabitha  will begin a short consultation to take your details and then will talk through the treatment, explaining clearly how the power of crystals and reiki work, the chakras, the choice of oils for your massage ( there will be a selection of essential oils and a choice of base oil there for you) and what you can expect from the treatment. She'll then invite you to take a good look at the crystals and to pick out two that you feel drawn to to hold throughout the treatment. She'll then invite you to pop behind a rattan screen to take off your shoes, and pop on some cosy slipper socks to keep your feet toasty during the treatment and undress your top half and wrap yourself in a soft warm towel. As this treatment is given sitting up you'll then sit down on a small cushioned stool in the dusky light of a single candle which burns thoughout the treatment and with the soft tones of sweet music playing in the background to sooth your senses and Tabitha will  place specific crystals on the floor around you to create a suitable energy grid.

Tabitha will ask you to close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths to the count of five to take you into the relaxation process. She'll use a pendulum to determine the health of your upper body and head chakras. She will then talk you through a visualisation which takes you down into a deeper level of relaxation. She'll be working around you, holding her hands with crystals in front of your forehead and face, your head and your heart as you drift off into your own restful place. You'll feel the heat of the crystals she holds in her hands and you may have a number of different sensations in your head or shoulders as she works each of the chakras in your head and neck or you may just drift off , half asleep. Whatever you're feeling Tabitha will be working her crystal healing powers around you. When the crystal healing part of the treatment is finished Tabitha willl gently apply the oil you will have chosen at the outset to your shoulders, and upper arms and into your neck and the Indian Head Massage will begin. She works around your neck and shoulders, bringing relief to tired muscles, and then up your neck and into the back of your head. This is particularly effective as you are sitting up, and Tabitha can get to those neck and shoulder muscles with ease. With a range of wonderful techniques she moves around your head and scalp and then back to your shoulders and then down each arm to your hands and fingers. You'll sink into the cushioned stool and find yourself in a wonderful meditation. After half an hour of Indian Head Tabitha moves to channel healing from the universe to whichever part of you needs it most with a reiki practice. The heat of her hands is notable as she moves to where her spirit guide takes her, so every treatment is different in that respect. The tranquility of the 'nest' , warm and cosy and the tinkly soft music together together with the healing power of the reiki is a wonderful mix and you won't want it to end. But end it must, and you'll feel a gentle touch on the shoulders and you'll hear Tabitha's soft voice again as she talks you through coming roun and  you'll  open your eyes. Tabitha will tell you what she found, the crystals she used, and you'll be able to tell her about any sensations you experienced too. You'll then take off the cosy socks and pop your clothes and shoes back on before she leads you back up the garden to find your car feeling at peace, tranquil and ready to face the world . You'll still have the wonderful aroma of the oils in your hair - worth remembering that you should plan to go straight home, as the Indian Head massage is thorough , so not the time to keep your hair style and better if you can leave the oils in your hair overnight to get best effect. 

I tried the this wonderful combination treatment one afternoon following a hectic week and it sorted me out.  Tabitha was gentle and caring with a sense of peaceful ease about her. I felt completely relaxed in her care. Her crystal collection is amazing and The Nest is a complete haven in a rural village back garden. I had a range of sensations throughout, and was especially aware of the intense heat of the crystals and of Tabitha's hands.  The Indian Head massage was just wonderful and left me feeling completely relaxed and out of this world!  Great if you struggle sleeping - I slept like a log, and its such a lovely experience - even if you're skeptical about the power of crystal or reiki healing. A proper treat for body and soul. 

The rules: 

Must be redeemed by end of Saturday, 30th June!
By appointment only
Advisable to wear comfy clothing
No other offers apply
Multibuys possible but only one treatment per person
Can be taken as a gift voucher

About Amethyst Wave Therapies: 

Amtheyst Wave Therapies is owned and run by former family support worker Tabitha Saunders who has trained in Reiki 1 and Reiki 2, Indian Head Massage and also gives card readings and House Cleansing. She offers inner balance and rest from life's challenges with positive therapies and readings to support the mind and encourage healing. Tabitha gives treatments 6 days a week and has evening appointments available. Although this deal is available at The Nest, her purpose made therapy hut in her garden at Newton Tracey she is able to also provide treatments in your home as a mobile practitioner. You can find Amethyst Wave Therapies on Facebook here 

This deal is ON!

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