Crystal Meditation deal

Crystal Meditation deal

3 Crystal Meditation sessions with Amethyst Wave Therapies worth £24 for £15. YOU SAVE £9. That's 37.5%!

Available in North Devon

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If you're in need to some you time, to unwind and find inner peace and strength or would like to give the gift of tranquillity and restfulness to someone you love then this is for you. 

With this GrooVee you get 3 Guided Crystal Meditation sessions with experienced and qualified crystal healer Tabitha Saunders from Amethyst Wave Therapies in the old headmasters study at Tawstock Court just outside Barnstaple on Monday evenings at 6.30pm arrival for a 6.45pm start until 7.30pm from 30th September. It's wonderfully mindful and powerfully healing. 

You'll arrive at Tawstock Court, the refurbished St Michaels school building equipped with your pillow and blanket and make your way to the old headmasters office right at the front of the main building for 6.30pm to give you time to get settled before the guided meditation begins. It's an elegant, and atmospheric place in the countryside, but near enough to town to make it accessible. The room is wood panelled with a large fire place and an auspicious feel, and Tabitha is very welcoming. She'll invite you to find a place in the room to settle yourself, either sitting or lying down, its entirely up to you. She has some mats and extra pillows and blankets to make you more comfortable if you need extra padding to lie on. She'll also invite you to choose a few crystals that you are drawn to to hold during the meditation from the large glistening tray of beautiful crystals in the middle of the room. When everyone has had a moment to 'arrive' in the room, chosen their crystals and got themselves settled she dims the lights and her guided meditation begins. She talks you through the meditative journey from consciousness and down into the deeper levels of a meditative state as the journey wends its way. As you lie or sit their peacefully you find yourself drifting in and out of consciousness. You may find it difficult to hold back your day to day thoughts at the beginning but you'll soon find the moments of conscious thinking begin to evaporate away as Tabitha talks you through the meditation step by step with her soft and rhythmic voice. It's heavenly. 

When the meditation is complete and Tabitha brings you back to the room you'll be amazed to find that you are surrounded by crystals, and when you move crystals may even drop off you. These are the crystals that Tabitha has placed around you while you meditated and the likelihood is that you were in so deep that you didn't even notice her moving around the room, leaving her healing beautiful stones that are active with earths energies to work their magical power around you. 

You'll feel a little drowsy and spaced out when you come to get up and its wise to do so slowly and to help yourself to a glass of cool water that Tabitha provides for everyone before you set off for home. A gentle hubbub of low voices can be heard as people exchange views on their meditation experience before they go home to the deep sleep which beckons as a result of their new found calm. Those who have been going weekly for a while wouldn't want to miss it as it brings a grounding, mindfulness to their lives which helps them manage their lot without stress. I tried it out one Monday before the summer set in and found it to be a delightful and mysterious journey, ethereal and nourishing at once. I chose to lay down, as did most in the room that day, and we listened to Tabitha's voice with the crackling of an open fire on a cosy blanket and covered with my favourite fleece. I couldn't believe how rested I felt and how much better I could cope with the tussles of the working week as a result of this hour and a bit. 

Highly recommended for seasoned and novices to meditation alike. Great experience in a lovely place. 

The rules: 

Must be redeemed by end of Monday, 25th November!
By appointment only- must book your place
Limited spaces available at each session so book early
You will need to take 3 consecutive weekly sessions
First session starts 30th September
Only one series of 3 sessions per person
Can be taken as a gift voucher

About Amethyst Wave Therapies: 

Amtheyst Wave Therapies is owned and run by former family support worker Tabitha Saunders who has trained in Reiki 1 and Reiki 2, Indian Head Massage, Crystal Therapy, baby massage and full body massage and also gives card readings and House Cleansing. She offers inner balance and rest from life's challenges with positive therapies and readings to support the mind and encourage healing. Tabitha gives treatments 6 days a week and has evening appointments available. Although this deal is for Crystal meditation at Tawstock Court on Monday evenings, she practices her other therapies at her purpose made therapy hut in her garden at Newton Tracey known as The Nest. She is able to also provide treatments in your home as a mobile practitioner. You can find Amethyst Wave Therapies on Facebook here

This deal is ON!

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