Bamboo & hot stone massage deal

Bamboo & hot stone massage deal

Get a 45 minute Hot Bamboo & Stone massage worth £65 for £29.50. YOU SAVE £35.50. That's 55%!

Available in North Devon

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If you love to feel relaxed, warm and want to feel incredibly looser then this deals for you!

With this GrooVee deal you get a 45 minute Hot Bamboo and Stone Massage with Heidi Vogelin, a massage therapist with many years’ experience at Reflections Spa, Ilfracombe. You will get to experience three different Hot Bamboo Sticks, which with their own texture and all feel very different, as well as different sized Hot Stones.

Reflections Spa is located on the harbour side of the high street of Ilfracombe town, only a short walk from available parking and easy to find. Once you find Reflections on the high street you will notice the charming décor and can walk straight into reception on the left once through the door. Once you enter Reflections you will be greeting by a member of staff on reception, on the left and offered a beverage. Heidi will then come and introduce herself and take you up a couple of steps and through to the treatment room where she will offer you a seat and a drink if you don’t already have one. She will then ask you a few questions about your current health and any medical conditions she needs to be aware of before your session begins. She will then ask you if you want the front or back of your body massaged and what sort of pressure you like; at this point Heidi suggested doing the back of the body as most people prefer it and also went on to say that if anyone suffers with water retention that this can really benefit them and help the fluids move along. Once you have decided which side you want massaged Heidi will instruct you that once she has left the room you can remove clothing down to underwear and lay on the massage table and place the towel provided over yourself. She will return a few moments later giving you plenty of time to lie down and get comfortable. When Heidi comes back in to the room she will put on some music and start to move the towel which is on top of you so she can start to work her magic. I chose to have the back of my body done, so my legs were uncovered first. Heidi will start by massaging your legs with her hands to warm you up and let you know the session has started. After a few covers both legs she will move onto her Bamboo stick, which felt like a lovely warm roller going over both my legs. If you have ever said you feel like you wanted/need to be rolled out with a rolling pin this is for you! She will massage both legs at the same time and then each leg individually, before swapping to the hot stones which again she will cover the whole leg, including around the ankle and onto the foot (if you don’t have to ticklish feet). After the hot stones Heidi will start to you use her next set of Bamboo sticks, which felt like hot chop sticks. With these sticks she will gently tap your body and also place them together to massage you with a harder surface which can get into the deep muscles. After this Heidi will go back to using the freshly heated hot stones, which will be a different size to the last ones. She will again work over the leg, ankle and foot. Once finished Heidi will then take out her lovely and warm half-moon Bamboo stick and again start to massage your leg and ankle. The half-moon stick offers a slightly deeper massage as Heidi can use the edge to push in a little deeper if you like a deeper massage, but at the same time offer the very smooth and soft rounded slide which brings an amazing balance of pressure and comfort. You will then get another round with more hot stones, again over the whole leg and foot jut to put more warmth into your body and give you a lovely and calming massage. To finish Heidi will again massage you with her hands to let you know she is done with this area and then cover you back up with the towel. This is a great feeling as at this point you will know that the amazing massage you have just had over your legs and feet you are about to get over your back, shoulders and arms. Heidi will adjust the towel covers your top half and tuck it into your underwear so that no massage oil gets on it. From this point Heidi will repeat the same process as she did with your legs and keep swapping around the sticks and stones she uses on you. She will start at your lower back making her way up the centre, then up each side, around to your shoulders and neck then down your arms to your elbows. It is a truly amazing treatment. Again Heidi will finish the massage by using her hands in the final moments then cover you back up, make sure you have some water then say, when she has left the room you can get up in your own time and make your way back to reception, where she will meet you and ask how your massage was.

I have experienced many treatments over the years both remedial and relaxing and I have to say I have never found something so relaxing and helpful. The mixture of feeling looser because someone has worked on you and feeling so relaxed is amazing. I personally can normal bounce back up after a treatment after a few minutes, but after Heidi’s massage it took me about 20! I would highly recommended this one to try not only because of Heidi’s massage, but also because Reflections is a great place to spend that extra time you need after to just chill, either at reception or in their indoor sun lounge area.  One to try? Absolutely!

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Book by appointment only.
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Multi-buyins possible.
One voucher per person.
Cancellations must be given with at least 24 hours notice.
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About Reflections: 

Reflections is Ilfracombes very own floatation and therapy room owned by Sports Massage Therapist Rosie Beecham. The centre's philosophy is to offer a holistic approach to body and mind. Whether you come to use our state of the art Floatation room or book yourself in with one of our many therapists, your wellbeing will always be at the forefront.  In our facilities, you’ll find a place where you can de-stress, breathe deeply and concentrate on yourself. This will be the experience your soul is longing for. Get away from it all and make a space for yourself to concentrate on what’s really important: your health and your happiness. A perfect place for a unique experience, where you’ll find the help you need to get to know an improved version of yourself.

This deal is ON!

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