Aromatherapy Deal deal

Aromatherapy Deal deal

Get a Full Hour Destress Aromatherapy Head Neck Shoulders Massage worth £40 for £25. YOU SAVE £15. That's Over 35%!

Available in North Devon

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With this GrooVee Deal you get an amazing aromatherapy head, neck and shoulders massage with Anne Polet of Greenleaves Aromatherapy, in Bideford which leaves you feeling uplifted but super relaxed! Excellent for those who work at computers, seated all day or simply carry tension in the upper back, neck and shoulders.

Anne Polet is a hugely knowledgeable Holistic Aromatherapist with more than 30 years of experience using a range of techniques and skills.

Anne works within the comfort of her own home which is in Bideford, not far from the Affinity Shopping Outlet, with plenty of on street parking available.

Before your session Anne is required, for insurance purposes, to firstly get you to complete a Covid19 disclaimer. This needs to be completed a minimum of 48 hours before your treatment and is a simple yes/no form about whether you have had or been in contact with anyone who has Covid, the usual types of forms that are now part of everyday life! When you arrive at Anne’s home on the day she will great you at the door and take you upstairs to her treatment room. You will then have a chat with Anne and she will ask you if you want any specific ailment to be the focus of your treatment, this could be anything from headaches to stress or discomfort that kind of thing. I suffer with tension and stress around my neck and shoulders so Anne chose for me 3 essential oils.

Cedar Wood – to help relax the body, ease tension and help with sleep quality.

Lavender – the most popular essential oil, promotes relaxation and insomnia amongst other things. It is also purported to have anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial and detoxifying properties.

Bergamot – This too has antibacterial properties and alleviates tension, anxiety and fatigue.

Anne will ask you complete or complete for you her consultant form - this enables her to choose appropriate essential oils for your treatment, and to be aware of any specific problems. Again it is a simple form with contact details, a health and allergy questionnaire. Once completed all forms are placed in a locked cabinet that only Anne has access to, and are kept for a period of time required by her insurers, and shredded when no longer needed.

Anne will leave the room and will ask for top layers of clothing and jewellery to be removed and placed into a lidded box on the floor. I then got onto the gently warmed therapy table, laid on my back and covered myself with the blanket as per instructions. When I was ready Anne returned to the room to start the treatment with soft music playing in the background.

With the warm sensation of the oils, Anne proceeded to gently massage my shoulders across the top of my chest and behind my neck. Softly moving my head to the left she very gently stretches with a massage technique the neck area from my ear to my shoulder and I could literally feel the tension dissipating! This was then repeated on the other side. With eyes closed and the warmth of the therapy table, soft music with trickling water, it’s hard not to drift off to another place!

Anne then massaged the oils into my arms and hands, one at a time, again incorporating the shoulder area. Gradually moving to the neck again, it gave me almost instant relief as I do

suffer with a stiff neck sometimes. The relaxing holistic massage continued to my face and scalp, with such a gentle touch and the aromas of the mixed oils I simply had no idea of time. With Anne’s years of experience she feels her way around the scalp, focusing on areas of stress and simply massaging and pressing that stress away, that may sound a bit strange but that’s how it felt!

When the treatment is complete, Anne brings a glass of water, and leaves the room whilst you take your time getting up from your relaxed position and get dressed. Anne returns once you are ready and asks how your treatment was. She then goes on to explain some do’s and don’ts for the rest of the day, but just in case you forget she gives a Post Treatment Advice letter to take away. I also received the remainder of the oils that Anne mixed for me in a glass bottle with a roller ball for ease of use.

This indulgent treatment lasts for one hour with approximately 10 minutes on top to fill in the once only form.

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. In my workplace I spend a great deal of time doing repetitive movements which is why my shoulders and neck are always tight by the end of the week so this was the perfect treatment for me. I felt relaxed with improved rotation of my neck, my skin felt good from the oils, but most of all…..I just really enjoyed some me time!!!

The rules: 

Must be redeemed by end of Sunday, 31st July!
Ladies Only Treatment
Can be given as gift voucher
Book via email
Book via phone 07808726411
Covid disclaimer form must be returned before session
24 hour cancellation required
Not suitable for recent whiplash injuries
Not suitable for disc injuries or osteoporosis of the neck

About Greenleaves Aromatherapy: 

Anne Polet is the founder of Greenleaves Aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy and essential oils have been a large part of Anne's life both personally and professionally for over 30 years. It was initially in her career as a registered nurse, working mainly in the NHS that led me to exploring  alternative ways of healing the body, mind and spirit.

Having moved to  North Devon 4 years ago, she offers aromatherapy massage treatments, aromatherapy blending only – for physical and emotional support and wellbeing, plus she write and run workshops in aromatherapy under the business name of Aromawizards.

This deal is ON!

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