Angelic Reiki deal

Angelic Reiki deal

An Angelic Reiki session with Sally at Attuned To Angels worth £25 for £12.50. YOU SAVE £12.50. That's 50%!

Available in North Cornwall

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If you want to experience a non-invasive form of energy healing, connect with angelic realms and feel calm, relaxed and empowered, this one’s for you!

With this GrooVee you get an Angelic Reiki session lasting up to one hour with Sally Norden, owner of Attuned With Angels at her cosy treatment room in Barnstaple. It's intuitive, healing and rejuvenating.

Sally's treatment room is located at The Castle Centre in Barnstaple town centre, which is a short walk from several public car parks and also from the bus station if you are using public transport. 

Sally will welcome you as soon as you arrive, and show you into the cosy, comfortable treatment room. The treatment room itself is a thoroughly relaxing space, decorated with natural colours and inspiring trinkets. Sally will talk through a consultation form with you to identify any particular issues you might have and explain what will happen during the Reiki session. You'll be asked to lay on the couch, remaining fully clothed for the treatment. 

Angelic Reiki is a non-invasive form of energy healing which can help aid relaxation and good sleep, and calm anxiety. Sally plays soothing music and begins the session by placing her hands gently on your shoulders, moving then to the knees, feet and any other areas of your body which she feels guided to work on. She will work to balance each of your chakras in turn, to realign your body's internal energy system. 

Each treatment given by Sally is completely intuitive and mindful; guided by Sally's own connection with the angels. As such, each person experiencing the treatment will feel differently during their Reiki session. You may see coloured lights or various images, experience a change in temperature and/or varying sensations across the body. The session is very relaxing. 

Angleic Reiki will last for as long as Sally feels she needs to be able to complete the healing work that she is called to do, up to one hour. When the session is over, Sally will gently make you aware, and give you time to readjust before getting off of the couch. 

Sally will provide you with a glass of water and makes time to discuss the treatment, informing you of anything she noticed or felt during your treatment. After your Angelic Reiki you are encouraged to practice good self care, drink plenty of water and go easy with yourself. You may feel similar effects to those you may experience after having a massage - aches, cold like symptoms etc. This is your body expelling any uneccesary pain and beginning to heal. 

You'll leave feeling calm yet revitalised, and inpsired by the feedback after your session. Sally mentions that the healing achieved in your session can continue long after the Reiki is given, so you may continue to notice benefits as weeks pass. 

The rules: 

Must be redeemed by end of Friday, 31st December!

About Attuned To Angels: 

Sally Norden is fully insured and is a member of the Angelic Reiki Association and a member of the BCMA(British Complementary Medicine Association). She runs Attuned To Angels, based in Barnstaple, offering crystal healing and oracle card readings as well as her signature Angelic Reiki treatments. Find out more about Attuned To Angels on Facebook by clicking here.

This deal is ON!

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